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Uttar Pradesh Development Report   
Uttar Pradesh Development Report
Published by Academic Foundation under arrangement with :
New Delhi.
Paper  Back Book (Set of 2 Vols.)  :   Pages : 162 + 540
2007  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-541-1 (Set)
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The Planning Commission has decided to prepare State Development Reports (SDRs) for all States and Union Territories of India. The objective in bringing out these reports is to provide a credible independent quality reference document on the development profile, set out strategies for accelerating the growth rate of States, lessen disparities and reduce poverty. The SDR is meant to discuss the constraints and challenges faced by a State and provide a vision, blueprint or a roadmap for its socio-economic progress

Each SDR is being prepared with the assistance of reputed expert national-level agencies, under the supervision of a Core Committee, headed by a Member of the Planning Commission, and including a senior representative of the State Government. The publication of the Uttar Pradesh Development Report follows the recently published SDRs of Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh, while SDRs of many other States and Union Territories of India are under various stages of preparation.

The Uttar Pradesh Development Report reviews the State's development experience and highlights issues critical for its future progress. Uttar Pradesh's latent potential in irrigation, power, transport, agriculture, and tourism is well documented in the report. The report is expected to serve as a useful reference and stimulate informed debate on the policy issues facing the most populous state of the country.



The Core Group.

Partner Agencies and Project Team.


Foreword from Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission.

Message from Member, Planning Commission.

Message from Deputy Chairman, State Planning Commission, Uttar Pradesh .

List of Tables, Figures, Boxes and Appendices.


Regions, Circles and Districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Codes for the States.

District Map of Uttar Pradesh.



Executive Summary: Macroeconomic Analysis.

Sector Specific Summary Recommendations.

1. Uttar Pradesh Economy: Trend and Status

Diverging Gap in Income from National Average

Shrinking Role in National Economy

Where is the Growth Shrinking?

Slower But Steady Pace in Poverty Reduction

Below Average Health Indicators

Migration in and out of Uttar Pradesh

Strengths, Opportunities and Endowments




2. Diagnostic Analysis of the Macroeconomics of Uttar Pradesh

Analytical Framework

Economic Growth (Analysis without Investment Variable)

Economic Growth (with Investment Variable)

Investment in Uttar Pradesh

Determinants of Investment

Manufacturing Sector

Drivers of Tertiary Sector

Problems in the Agricultural Sector


3. The Way Forward: Strategies and Recommendations

Uttar Pradesh Needs to Improve its Financial Condition to Promote Development

Uttar Pradesh Needs a Green Revolution Programme for Agriculture

Uttar Pradesh Needs to Emphasise Rapid Industrialisation

Private Investment is Critical: Adopt Policies Conducive to Private Participation

Create and Develop Institutions

Develop Sector Specific Policies


1. Agriculture


Agricultural Performance

Agricultural Diversification and Intensification

Status of Agro-processing Sector

Constraints to Growth

Recent Policy Initiatives

Strategic Options and Policy Choices



2. Industrial Growth


Industrial Policy in Uttar Pradesh: An Overview

Description of State Industrial Economy

Small Scale Industries

Concluding Remarks


3. Handloom


Textile Sector in India—An Overview

Handloom Sector in Uttar Pradesh

Revitalising Handloom Industry

Conclusion and Recommendations


4. Handicrafts


The Indian Scene

Global Market

Uttar Pradesh: An Important Player

Uttar Pradesh: A Critical State for Crafts

Problems/Redressal Measures


5. Tourism


A Review of State Policy for Tourism Development

Identification of Strategic Theme and Specific Tourism Projects

Analysis and Plan for Selected Key Projects


6. Village Development


Status of Village Development in Uttar Pradesh: An Analysis

Village Development: Synthesis of Field Investigations and Rural Case Studies

Case Studies

Government Programmes/Schemes in Uttar Pradesh


7. Power


Profile of Industry and Market Structure

Problems and their Origin

Recent Reform Measures and their Appraisal

Moving Forward


8. Road


An Overview of the Roads Sector

Institutional Set-up

Reform Initiatives

Strategy for the Road Sector



9. Telecom and Information Technology


Status and Performance of Telecom and Information Technology in Uttar Pradesh

Recent Initiatives and Future Plans

Way Forward

Conclusion and Recommendations


10. Urban Water


Broad Overview

Two Factors Influencing Water Services

Performance of the Sector

Major Challenges

Moving Ahead


11. Water Resources: Management and Development


Land Use, Irrigation, Population and Food

Water Requirements

Water Resources-their Availability and Usability

Engineering Possibilities vis-à-vis the Land Use–Water Use Plan

Limitations of the Land and Water Use Plan

Environmental Issues


Issues in Water Management

Water Conflict Related Issues

Water Pricing

Issues in Sustainability and Participatory Management

Institutional Issues

Fifteen Short-and Medium-term Strategies and Action Plan

12. Social Development

Introduction: Social Development and Human Development

Education, Health and Fertility: Uttar Pradesh in Comparative Perspective




13. Governance


Literature Review

Evaluation of Performance

Policy Recommendations



14. Environment: Status and Strategies


Air Environment

Water Environment

Biological Environment

Noise Environment

Summary and Recommendations


15. State Public Sector Undertakings


Case Studies

Need for Reforms

A Suggested Process of Reform

Conclusions and Recommendations


16. State Finances


Overview of State Finances: Growing Fiscal Imbalance

Revenue Receipts: Tax and Non-tax

Expenditures: Growth of Committed Expenditures

Fiscal Management: Predictive Performance of Budget Estimates

Fiscal Prospects

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