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Experiences of a Bureaucrat’s Wife

Gita vittal

Paperback (5½” x 8½”) :   Pages : 164
2007  Edition   :   ISBN -81-7188-471-7
Price : Rs. 195.00 ;  US $ 14.95
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Civil service has its uncertainties no less than the uncertainties of cricket. The uncertainty is not only about the length of time a civil servant will be in a post. There is also uncertainty about the place. What is it then to be a wife of a civil servant who even though enjoying the security of a career, does not enjoy any security of tenure?

In this book, Reflections: Experiences of a Bureaucrat’s Wife, Gita Vittal gives a glimpse of her interesting life as a four decades old wife of an Indian civil servant. She traces her transformation from a college student to a memsahib. She takes the reader through her trials and tribulations. Through her easy-to-read, witty, absorbing and captivating writing, the reader lives all her excitement, struggles, challenges, apprehensions and all the ups and the downs of her life.

Gita Vittal, however, has much more to her personality than being a bureaucrat’s wife. She holds degrees in Journalism, Management and Sociology. She has also pursued freelance journalism and social work. The book also reflects these aspects of her life.

These ‘reflections’ brings the reader face-to-face with her undying, child-like spirit and her zeal for life. Each and all will enjoy browsing through these reflections.



  • Introduction: Motivation to Join the I.A.S.

  • Culture Shock: From College Student to Memsahib

  • Learning to Survive in Delhi

  • Back to Gujarat

  • In the Company of Industry Captains

  • Oh Stereo!

  • Narmadanagar: MD or Maharaja?

  • A Treasure House

  • Sweet Currency

  • Glimpses from Overseas

  • Echoes from the Office

  • Life after Retirement

  • A Mere Housewife ?

  • Heerjibhai Muljibhai Patel

  • Sharda Mukherjee

  • Margaret Alva

  • Sarvottam Badami: A Pioneer in Indian Films

  • Radha Burnier: The Gentle Voice of Culture

  • Dr. Nita Pradhan: India’s First Lady Heart Surgeon

  • Sarala Gopalan—Bureaucrat

  • Dewang Mehta: Animated Artistry

  • Rajalakshmi Raghavan: Varied Interests

  • Life from a Journalist’s Perspective

  • The Australian Princess

  • House Husbands

  • Khichdi Indian

  • Bureaucrat’s Children

  • The Identity Crisis

  • The Tasty Leaf

  • Uncommon Encounters

  • The Other Side

  • A Weekly Boy

  • Know Thy Talent

  • A Whiff of Modernisation

  • Danger–Keep Away

  • Love Thy Neighbour

  • What is in a Name ?

  • All for a Seat

  • Battle of Wits

  • Jaded Illusions

  • Einstein and Onions

  • Fun with Fluffy Bundles

  • Seventy Two Legs

  • Waiting for Reshma

  • The Unfinished Letter

  • The Train from Pakistan

  • Golden Memories

  • Calling Tully Sahib

  • Yankee at Breakfast

  • Don’t Take this Ceremony Lightly

  • A Lawn Story

  • Remembering Grandpa

  • The Christmas Gift

  • Doctor in the House

  • Cats Stay on Forever

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