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Rajasthan Development Report   
Rajasthan Development Report
Published by Academic Foundation under arrangement with :
New Delhi.
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2006  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-464-4
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The Planning Commission has decided to prepare State Development Reports (SDRs) for all States and Union Territories of India. The objective in bringing out these reports is to provide a credible independent quality reference document on the development profile, set out strategies for accelerating the growth rate of States, lessen disparities and reduce poverty. The SDR is meant to discuss the constraints and challenges faced by a State and provide a vision, blueprint or a roadmap for its socio-economic progress.

Each SDR is being prepared with the assistance of reputed expert national-level agencies, under the supervision of a Core Committee, headed by a Member of the Planning Commission, and including a senior representative of the State Government. The publication of Rajasthan Development Report follows the recently published SDRs of Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, while SDRs of many other States and Union Territories of India are under various stages of preparation.

The Rajasthan Development Report analyses the entire gamut of development issues concerning a drought prone and arid state. It contains rich state and sub-state level data on various sectors and issues. Five decades of planning in Rajasthan has brought a miraculous change in the potential of development across the state. The report reviews Rajasthan’s experience in the important sectors in the state’s economy and the objective of its publication is to stimulate debate on growth strategies appropriate for development in the years ahead. The roadmap indicated in the report is expected to create broader awareness of the critical policy issues and assist Rajasthan to move to a high growth path and achieve all round human and economic development.


The Core Committee

Preface & Acknowledgement

Message from Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission

Message from Chief Minister, Rajasthan

Message from Member, Planning Commission

Message from Former Member, Planning Commission

List of Tables and Figures and Boxes


Executive Summary


1. Economic Profile

Structure of the Economy
Social Indicators
Employment and Unemployment
Availability of Infrastructure
Poverty in the State
Fiscal Situation
Investment Activity in the State
Inter-state Comparison of Investment Activity
Rajasthan vis-à-vis Other States
District-wise Economic Profile


2. Macroeconomic Issues

Population Growth and Economic Development
Economic Impact of Population Growth
Sectoral Composition of NSDP
Growth-Potential of the Service Sector
Private Sector Investments
Impact of Drought
Popular Opinion on Development Issues
Major Constraints in Development
Policy Measures for Development
A Development Model for the Future


3. Agriculture

Agro-climatic Zones
Agro-economic Zones of Rajasthan
Natural Resources of the State
Wastelands Including Ravines
Farm Forestry
Cropping Pattern in Rajasthan
Progress of Agricultural Production
Input Services
Rainfed Agriculture
Horticulture Development
Animal Husbandry
Agricultural Research in Rajasthan
Issues in Agriculture Development
Policy Issues and Recommendations


4. Industrial and Mineral Sector Development

Growth of Industries
Policies and Strategies of Industrial Development
Minerals of Rajasthan
Multinational Corporations
Prospects of Industrial and Mineral Sector Development
Problems Concerning Industrial and Mining Sector
Prospects of Agro-based and Mineral Based Industries
Public Sector Enterprises
New Directions for Industrial and Mineral Development
Action Plan for Industries and Minerals Sector


5. Handloom and Handicrafts

Plan Allocation for the Decentralised Industrial Sector
Khadi and Village Industries
New Approach for the Decentralised Industrial Sector


6. Roads and Transport

Status of Roads in Rajasthan
Road Development Plans
Funds for the Road Sector
National Highways
State Highways
Rural Roads
Maintenance of Roads
Roadside Amenities
Central Road Fund
Problems Relating to Roads in Rajasthan
Tendering System
Present System of Responsibility for State Roads
Financial Resources
State Road Policy
Quality Control
Suggestions for PWD
Rail Network in Rajasthan
Public Transport System


7. Power Development in Rajasthan

Demand and Availability of Power
State’s Resources for Power Generation
Hydel Generation
Nuclear Power
Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Captive Power Generation
Natural Gas
Measures to Improve Power Scenario
Rationalisation of Power Tariff
Power Sector Reforms in Rajasthan
Nursery Scheme
Boom Scheme


8. Urban Infrastructure and Basic Services

Growth of Urban Population
Slum/Kuchchee Basti Population
Urban Poor
Drinking Water
Water Tariff
Water Treatment
Municipal Bodies of Rajasthan
State Finance Commission
Financial Transfers to ULBs
RUIDP Report on Resource Mobilisation
Operations and Maintenance
Lack of Sanitation Facilities
Solid Waste Management
Drainage Control
Relation with Parastatal Agencies
Municipal Finances
Resource Mobilisation
Municipal Accounting Systems


9. Telecommunications

Present Scenario
Present Status of Rural Telecom Services
Pattern of Growth of Telephony and Internet
Quality of Services in Rural and Urban Areas
Plan for Villages
New Telecom Policy, 1999
Competitive Scenario
Action Plan for the State


10. Tourism Industry

Nature of Tourist Arrivals in Rajasthan
Employment Scenario
Role of Government Agencies in Tourism Development
Action Plan For Development of Tourism in Rajasthan


11. State Finances

Trends in Fiscal Indicators
Capital Receipts
Capital Expenditure
Plan Financing in Rajasthan
Trends in Various Types of Deficits
Projections of Deficits for Tenth Plan Period
Resource Mobilisation Options
Financial Implications of 73rd and 74th Amendments
Trends in Finance Commission Transfers
Expenditure Compression
Public Borrowings in Rajasthan
Impact of the Fifth Pay Commission
Impact of Eleventh Finance Commission Recommendations
Causes of Fiscal Malaise
Fiscal Policy for the Future


12. Governance in Rajasthan

Geographical Conditions
Land Reforms and Abolition of Intermediaries
Tackling Corruption
Administrative Reforms Committee/Commission
Community Development Programme and National Extension Service
Employment Generation Poverty Alleviation and Special Area Programmes
Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan
Causes of Stagnation and Decline of PRIs
Costs and Benefits of Decentralisation
Transparency in Government
Right to Information
Accountability in Government
Responsive Administration
Welfare and Empowerment of Women
Welfare of Weaker Sections


13. Women

Gender Related Demographic Indicators
Women and Employment
Government Policies Related to Women’s Development
Policies for Women in Rajasthan
Policy and Machinery for Women’s Advancement in Rajasthan
Women’s Policy
Schemes of the Social Welfare Department
Literacy and Education
Health and Nutrition
Women’s Political Participation
Women and the Voluntary Sector
Conclusions and Recommendations


14. Status of Environment

Rainfall and Drought
Water Environment
Areas of Concern
Water and Air Pollution
Forest Environment
Biodiversity and Wildlife
Urban Environment
Land Degradation and Desertification
Mining Activities and Forest Degradation
Energy Resources

15. Human Resource Development

Human Development Index of Rajasthan
Human Development Indicators
Problems of the Health Sector
Female Literacy
Enrolment and Drop-out Rates
Population Growth and Required Enrolment of Children
Higher Education
District-wise Analysis of Condition of Houses
Policies for Urban and Rural Housing

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