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Exploration in Development Issues   
Exploration in Development Issues


Hard Bound Book   :   Pages : 568
2005  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-414-8
Price : Rs. 895.00  
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I have done my research and writing predominantly on economic policy issues, be it trade and aid, development strategy, or food security. The articles are overwhelmingly policy-oriented; they tend to echo or represent the climate of debate, thinking and research in the different periods when they were written. The selection of articles was made in such a way that they fulfil, as far as possible, one or several of the following criteria: 1) they represent my main thinking and writing on that particular issue; 2) they were prominent in debate and discussion among academic economists/policy analysts during the time when they were written; 3) they retain some relevance and/or are of major or continuing interest in the current academic/policy discussions.

— Nurul Islam
(Excerpt from the author’s introduction to this collection)

“This volume presents the collected wisdom of a distinguished economist whose academic contributions have been immensely enriched by his varied experience inside policymaking institutions at both the national and international levels.”

— Gustav Ranis
Director of the Yale Centre for International
and Area Studies,
Yale University USA.


Nurul Islam (of Bangladesh) is currently a research fellow emeritus at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, where he joined as a senior policy adviser to the director general in 1987. At IFPRI, Islam is conducting research on trade, macroeconomic policy, and agricultural development strategy. Prior to this, he was the assistant director general of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation, Economic and Social Policy Department, deputy chairman of the Bangladesh Planning Commission, chairman of the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, director of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, and chairman of the Department of Economics at Dhaka University. Islam received a B.A. and an M.A. in economics from Dhaka University and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University, U.S.A.


Introduction: An Overview
Development Strategy: Concepts in Development Economics
1. Development of the Labour Surplus Economy
2. Concepts and Measurement of Unemployment and Underemployment in Developing Economies
3. External Economies and the Doctrine of Balanced Growth
Development Strategy: Planning Models and Implementation
4. The Relevance of Development Models to Planning
5. Development Planning and Plan Implementation: Lessons of Experience
Development Strategy: Lessons of Past Experience
6. National Import Substitution and Inward Looking Strategies: Policies of Less Developed Countries
7. Learning from East Asia: Lessons for South Asia - An Epilogue
8. Reflections on Development Perspectives since the 1950s
9. Lessons of Experience: Development Policy and Practice
Food Security: Agricultural Progress: Past Performance
10. Green Revolution in Asia: A Few Aspects and Some Lessons
11. Overview to Population and Food in the Early Twenty-first Century
12. Asia’s Food and Agriculture: Future Perspectives and Policy Influences
13. Comments on ‘The Issue of Sustainability in Third World Food Production’
14. Linkages between Agriculture and the Overall Economy
Food Security: Policy Reforms in Agriculture
15. Government: Issues in Policy Reform
16. Tensions between Economics and Politics in Dealing with Agriculture
17. Commercialization of Agriculture and Food Security: Development Strategy and Trade Policy Issues
Food Security: Poverty and Undernutrition
18. Agricultural Growth, Technological Progress and Rural Poverty
19. Undernutrition and Poverty: Magnitude, Pattern and Measures for Alleviation
20. Hunger, Famines and Poverty: A Few Considerations of Political Economy
Food Security: Instability of Food Supplies and Prices
21. World Food Security: National and International Measures for Stabilization of Supplies
22. Instability in World Food Prices in the Post-Uruguay Round Situation: Prospects and Policy Issues
Trade and Aid: National Trade Policy
23. Comparative Costs, Factor Proportions and Industrial Efficiency in Pakistan
24. Export Incentive and Effective Subsidy in Pakistan: An Evaluation
25. The New Protectionism and the Nature of World Trade: Comments
Trade and Aid: Issues in Development Assistance
26. Recent Trends in the Theory of International Investment
27. International Economic Assistance in the 1970s - A Critique of Partners in Development
28. Foreign Assistance and Economic Development: The Case of Pakistan
29. Economic Policy Reforms and the IMF: Bangladesh Experience in the Early 1970s
Trade and Aid: World Trade Issues
30. Progress of the GATT Negotiations on Agriculture and Developing Countries: Options and Strategies
31. Is Agricultural Trade Liberalization Bad for Environment?
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