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A Nation in Transition   
A Nation in Transition

Understanding the Indian Economy 

Jayshree Sengupta
Published in association with
Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi.
Hard Bound Book (5¾" x 9") :   Pages : 296
2007  Edition   :   ISBN -81-7188-624-8
Price : Rs. 695.00 ;  US $ 49.95
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Indian economic development is only five decades old. Its future course seems to be bright but uncertain. There are lots of good and impressive points about India’s emergence as a prominent economic power and people in industrialized countries are taking note of these changes. India’s huge middle class, that increasingly includes the rural well to do, are all aspiring for a higher standard of life for themselves and for their children. They are making their children seek better marks and learn new skills; they are doing their best in all walks of life to get ahead and catch up with global standards. It is this middle class that is the driving force behind the great push forward that can make India great in the future. In this thrust forward, this book discusses the role of the government. But more importantly, the book aims at explaining the workings of the Indian economy, not to the ‘initiated’, but to the intelligent reader who is interested in knowing more about India’s changing economic pattern. It aims at presenting the various intricacies of the Indian economic system simply and clearly.


Jayshree Sengupta is a Senior Fellow at Observer Research Foundation. After graduating from Delhi University, she studied at the London School of Economics where she completed M.Sc. and M.Phil in Economics. She was a lecturer at Indraprastha College and Miranda House, University of Delhi, from 1966 to 1977. She was Senior Economic Writer at the Hindustan Times, New Delhi between 1998-2004. She has been a consultant to the World Bank, Washington DC and OECD, Paris. She has published a number of papers, reports and a book, co-authored with Prof. S. Sideri, The 1992 Single European Market and the Third World, published by Frank Cass, London.


1. India at a Glance

2. Population

3. Poverty

4. Urbanisation

5. Colonial Legacy

6. Agriculture

7. Indian Planning

8 .Industrial Growth

9. Infrastructure

10. Labour and Unemployment

11. Savings and Investment

12. Foreign Trade

13. The Financial System

14. The Capital Market

15. The Services Sector

16. The Fiscal Policies and Budgetary Finances

17. Role of the State and Centre-State Relations

18. The Social Sectors

19. Globalisation and Economics of Environment

20. Economic Reforms and their Future

21. India and SAARC

22. Conclusion


A. Employment and Growth Rates across Different Sectors

B. Life Expectancy and Morality Rates across Some Asian Countries and South Asia

C. Trends in Deficits of Central Government

D. Real Gross Domestic Capital Formation

E. Select Indicators: Output

F. Foreign Direct Investment in Some Asian Developing Countries

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