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Successful Governance Initiatives and Best Practices   
India's Manufacturing Sector
Policy Framework
A Co-Publication of Academic Foundation, New Delhi and
EMPI in Association with WTI
Paper Back Book    :   Pages : 360
2003  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-311-7
Price : Rs. 750.00   :   USD $ 49.00
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This publication, a first of its kind, brings together 3 top-ranking independent reports, outlining a comprehensive manufacturing policy framework for India. Painstakingly prepared by three of the respected institutions, namely :
   Andersen Business Consulting,
IIM - Lucknow and IIT - Madras,
these full-length reports are certainly expected to contribute significantly towards orchestrating the formulation of the much needed
National Manufacturing Sector Policy for India



"All the reports reflect exceptionally high standards. This initiative will greatly strengthen India's thrust towards becoming a world class manufacturing source"

Shri R.K. Krisna Kumar
Vice-Chairman, Tata Tea Ltd.;
Managing Director,
The Indian Hotels Company Ltd.,
(The Taj Group of Hotels)

"The reports are remarkable in that for the first time an attempt has been made to elicit 'out of the box' thinking on a major policy issue by accomplished professionals. The ideas presented... ...will be carefully scrutinized by policymakers throughout the country with a view of their actual implementation"

Dr. Prodipto Ghosh
Addl. Secretary,
Prime Minister's Office,
Government of India,
New Delhi

"It is a high time that Industry and Government got together to shape a manufacturing policy for India; otherwise, in the new post-WTO era fifty years of effort at building an industrial base will be undetermined"

Shri A.P. Gandhi
FAG Bearing (I) Ltd.,
and Former President,
Hyundai India


INDIA's MANUfacturing Sector
policy framework

Indian Manufacturing - Towards Global Competitiveness 
Policy Imperatives


CHAPTER 1   Indian Manufacturing at Crossroads

CHAPTER 2   Global Manufacturing Landscape

CHAPTER 3   Manufacturing Landscape in India

CHAPTER 4   Making Indian Manufacturing Globally Competitive -
               Key Enablers And Barriers

CHAPTER 5   Vision for Indian Manufacturing and Guidelines
               For Policy Recommendations

CHAPTER 6   Manufacturing Policy Recommendations


Manufacturing Policy for India

CHAPTER 1   Executive Summary

CHAPTER 2   Manufacturing : The Imperative

CHAPTER 3   Attitude Towards Manufacturing : The Missing Link

CHAPTER 4   Indian Manufacturing : Current Scenario

CHAPTER 5   Indian Manufacturing : Relative Performance

CHAPTER 6   Evolution of Industrial Regulatory Regime in India

CHAPTER 7   Critical Evaluation of the Policy Environment in
               India and Impact on Manufacturing Competitiveness

CHAPTER 8   Cross-Country Comparisons

CHAPTER 9   The Background to Ease Asia's Success

CHAPTER 10   Framework for Proposed Manufacturing Policy

CHAPTER 11   Manufacturing Policy Draft

Towards Sustainable Manufacturing Superiority
A Comprehensive Manufacturing Policy Framework for India

CHAPTER 1   Introduction

CHAPTER 2   International Comparison of Manufacturing

CHAPTER 3   Global Competitiveness

CHAPTER 4   India's Development Strategy

CHAPTER 5   Manufacturing Sector : A Comparison among Indian States

CHAPTER 6   Small and Medium Enterprises

CHAPTER 7   Supportive Base Sector

CHAPTER 8   Critical Issues Implementing the Manufacturing Sector

CHAPTER 9   Turnaround Strategies for Manufacturing Sector

CHAPTER 10   Draft - Manufacturing Policy

CHAPTER 11   Conclusion

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