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In Defence of Global Capitalism   
In Defence of Global Capitalism
Foreword by BIBEK DEBROY

Published by Academic Foundation
in association with
Liberty Institute, New Delhi.

Hard Bound Book   :   Pages : 309
2005  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-415-6
Price : Rs. 595.00;  US $ 35.95
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Here's the special 'India edition' of Johan Norberg's widely acclaimed book: In Defence of Global Capitalism. In this book Norberg shows clearly and concisely how capitalism promotes the rapid spread of economic opportunities and personal freedom.

Once a self-proclaimed anarchist and now a passionate crusader for globalisation, the author presents compelling evidence that because of eased trade restrictions, dramatic transformations are already under way in scores of nations. In Defence of Global Capitalism is the first book to rebut, systematically and thoroughly, the claims of the anti-globalisation movement. Backed by an abundance of solid facts, statistics, and flesh-and-blood examples drawn from his travels in Asia and Africa, Norberg asserts that the diffusion of capitalism in recent decades has created opportunities every-where. Living standards and life expectancy have risen substantially. There is more food, more education, and more democratisation, less inequality and less oppression of women. Norberg takes on the tough issues - economic growth, freedom vs. equality, free trade and fair trade, international debt, child labour, cultural imperialism - and concludes that free-market capitalism is the best route out of global poverty.

The book is written in a conversational style with an emphasis on liberal values and the opportunities and freedom that globalisation brings to the world's poor.

This 'India edition' of Norberg's much acclaimed work comes with a crisp and an insightful foreword "In Defence of this Book" contributed by none other than Bibek Debroy.

"...this book needs no defence. It stands on its own... Norberg's book is more than a defence of globalisation or liberalisation. There is a philosophical undercurrent to the defence of capitalism, because it involves the right to choose. 'I wish to live in a liberal society because such a society gives people the right to choose what matters to them.' That is indeed what reforms in India are also about. (Norberg has three pages specifically devoted to India) '...The aim of politics should be to give them that freedom.'

...Johan Norberg's book is an amazingly good read."

Bibek Debroy

“The particular charm of this passionate essay is that capitalism would not interest Norberg if it were not such a mighty engine of human liberty. It is a young man's book, addressed to the idealistic young."

Rosemary Righter, The Times of London

“Giving clear and verifiable sources, he nails one by one the fallacies and selective statistics that are used by the anti-capitalist protesters."

Samuel Brittan, Financial Times

“Johan Norberg's book is a stunningly insightful, brilliantly detailed refutation of the crank theories of the anti-globalists. In Defence of Global Capitalism is a shining example of what a gifted mind can do working with the truth to advance the cause of capitalism, which in the end is the cause of every decent man and woman."

Ben Stein


Johan Norberg is a fellow at the Swedish think-tank Timbro. His present book In Defence of Global Capitalism has received rave reviews in Europe. He is also the host of a British Channel 4 documentary, "Globalisation is Good."

Norberg's previous books include The Resistance Man, Vilhelm Moberg and State, Individual, and Market.


In Defence of this Book (BIBEK DEBROY)


1. Every day in every way

The half truth

Poverty reduction




Oppression of women



Global inequality


2. ... and it's no coincidence

That's capitalism for you!

Growth-a blessing

Freedom or equality? Why choose?

Property rights-for the sake of the poor

The East Asian "miracle"

The African morass

3. Free trade is fair trade

Mutual benefit

Important imports

Free trade brings growth

No end of work

Freedom of movement-for people as well

4. The development of the developing countries

An unequal distribution-of capitalism

The white man's shame

The case of Latin America

On the trade route

"Let them keep their tariffs"

The debt trap

The right medicine

5. Race to the top

I'm all for free trade, but...

Child labour

But what about us?

Big is beautiful

"Gold and green forests"

6. Irrational, international capital?

The leaderless collective

Regulate more?

Tobin tax

The Asian crisis

Instead of crisis

The "dictatorship of the market"

7. Liberalise, don't standardise

The right to choose a culture

The onward march of freedom


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