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Himachal Pradesh Development Report   
Himachal Pradesh Development Report
Published by Academic Foundation under arrangement with :
Planning Commission,
Government of India,
New Delhi.
Paper  Back Book   :   Pages : 450
2005  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-445-8
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The Planning Commission has decided to prepare State Development Reports (SDR's) for all States and Union Territories of India. The objective in bringing out these reports is to provide a credible independent quality reference document on the development profile, set out strategies for accelerating the growth rate of States, lessen disparities and reduce poverty. The SDR is meant to discuss the constraints and challenges faced by a State and provide a vision, blueprint or a roadmap for its socio-economic progress.

Each SDR is being prepared with the assistance of reputed expert national-level agencies, under the supervision of a Core Committee, headed by a Member of the Planning Commission, and including a senior representative of the State Government. Forthcoming after Himachal Pradesh, are the SDRs of Rajasthan and Taiml Nadu.

The Himachal Pradesh Development Report reviews the State's development experience and highlights issues critical for its future progress. Himachal Pradesh's latent potential in hydel power, tourism, bio-business and its transformation in social sectors is well documented in the report. The report is expected to serve as a useful reference and stimulate informed debate on the policy issues facing a hill state.


Message from Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission

Preamble from Member, Planning Commission

Message from Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh

List of Tables and Figures

Executive Summary


1. Himachal Pradesh: A Profile

Himachal Pradesh in the National Context
Evolution of the State
Physical Setting
Economic Development
Regional Disparities


2. Natural Resources

Physiographic Zones
Drainage Network
Soil Types
Land Resources
Water Resources
Mineral Resources


3. Natural Disaster Management

Flash Floods and Cloud Bursts
Soil Erosion
Forest Fires


4. Forestry

Relevance of Forests
Status of Forests in Himachal Pradesh
Natural Regeneration and Afforestation
Forest Produce
Natural Hazards
Revenue and Expenditure
Joint Forest Management
Suggestions and Recommendations


5. Population

Population Change
Fertility Transition
Mortality Change
Contraceptive Use
Sex Ratios, Sex Preference, and Sex Selective Abortions
Demographic Ageing
Civil Registration
Demographic Challenges and Opportunities: Perspectives For Future


6. Fiscal and Financial Management

Macro Economic Glimpse of Himachal Pradesh
Financial Position of Himachal Pradesh
Planning and Tenth Five Year Plan
Hydro Power Potential as a Resource
Public Sector Reforms in Himachal Pradesh
Measures for Stabilising the Financial Position of Himachal Pradesh


7. Education

School and Higher Education
Technical Education
Achievements in Education
Areas of Concern


8. Health

Resource Allocation and Expenditure
Health Services in Himachal Pradesh
Morbidity Patterns In Himachal Pradesh
Health-Seeking Behaviour/Utilisation of Health Care Services
Cost of Treatment
Vision and Strategies for the Future


9. Nutrition

Government Initiatives
Nutrition Planning in Himachal Pradesh
Assessing Nutritional Status: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Women and the Elderly
Food Consumption Patterns in Himachal Pradesh
Micronutrient Deficiencies
Glimpses from the Field
Strategy for Nutrition-energized Growth


10. Gender Empowerment



11. Agriculture

Profile of Agriculture
Agricultural Inputs
Developmental Potential, Prospects and Constraints


12. Livestock

Distribution Pattern
Veterinary Facilities
Major Thrust Areas
Some Imperatives


13. Rural Development

Rural Development and Panchayati Raj
Some Other Socio-economic Factors
Sub-plans for the Development of Scheduled Castes,
Scheduled Tribes and Backward Areas
Summary and Recommendations


14. People's Participation

15. Public Distribution System

Need and Importance of PDS in Himachal Pradesh
PDS Schemes in Himachal Pradesh
Status of FPS and Ration Cards
Allocation, Lifting, Distribution and Diversion of Foodgrains
Field Survey


16. Industry

The Industrial Sector Over the Years
Overview of Industrial Policies and their Impact
Industrial Support System
Industrial Infrastructure
Strategy For Industrial Development


17. Infrastructure

Local Infrastructure
Regional/National Infrastructure
Current Scenario
Himachal Pradesh Becomes Nationally Important in this Context
Hydro Power Status in Himachal Pradesh
Current Availability in Himachal Pradesh
Proposed HPSEB Projects
Central Sector
IPP Sector
Free Power as Royalty
Demand Scenario
Demand Forecast: 16th Electric Power Survey Report
Financial Status of HPSEB
Experience of State Governments in Power Reforms, and Lessons
Attempt at Information Dissemination
Building Support among Electricity Board Employees
Reaching Out to Potential Opponents
Soliciting Input on Draft Government Proposals
Implementing Reforms and the Proposed Tariff Hike
Status of Power Reforms in HP
What is Wrong with HPSEB?
Proposed Model
Current Status of Memorandum of Understanding
Fluorescent Lighting
Energy Saving Equipment
Village Broad-band Connectivity through HPSEB
Status of Projects under PMGSY
Areas of Concern
Central Road Fund
National Highways in Himachal Pradesh
Inadequacies in Road Network
Poor Village Connection
Poor Road Quality
Environmental Consideration Disregarded
Road Design Keeping in Mind Multi-modalism
Enact Road Fund Act
Staff Efficiency
Financial Results
Free Travelling Facility
Concessional Facilities
Recommendations for HRTC
Response from HP to these Recommendations
Air Transport, Ropeways, Cable Cars


18. Information Technology

Information Technology Policy - 2001
IT Human Resource Development
IT For Masses
Development Strategy and Recommendations


19. Tourism

National Tourism Policy 2002 and Tenth Plan
Public and Private Sector Partnership
Involvement of PRIs/ULBs
Linkage and Synergy in Policies
Role of the Government in the New Policy
Tourism Policy of Himachal Pradesh
Tourism Clusters
Land Policy
Tourism Development Councils
Tourism Development Board
A Good Policy Sans Action
Confusion with Regard to Role of HPTDC
Change Policy Focus to Tourists
Disinvest in HPTDC
Do Not Wait for Tourist, Get Him
Destination Marketing
Devise a Marketing Campaign
Himachal Pradesh Tourism Authority
Change in Land Laws
Current Indicators
A Focused Tourism Strategy for Himachal Pradesh
The Basis of the Strategy


20. Urban Development

Urbanisation Pattern in Himachal Pradesh
Urban Infrastructure Scenario in Himachal Pradesh
Financing Urban Infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh:
Need for Investment and Limitations of Traditional Sources
Alternative Funding Mechanism for Financing
Urban Infrastructure
Prerequisites for Initiating Alternative Funding Mechanism
Action Plan
Vision for the Future


21. Employment and Unemployment

Employment and Unemployment Scenario
Non-agricultural Employment
Poverty and Employment
Skills, Training and Employment
Employment Generation: Potential Sectors
Future Growth of Employment
Conclusions and Implications of Employment Policy


22. Wages and Prices

Real Wages


23. Science and Technology

Natural Resources
Forest Resources
Rural Development
The Enablers
Remote Sensing Technology
Solar Passive Building Technology
Zoning Atlas
Bio Technology
Plasma Pyrolysis System for Disposal of Plastic Carry Bags
The Processes
Technical Education
e- Governance
Industrial Consortium
H. P. Science & Technology Initatives


24. Sectoral Perspectives and Development Strategy

Sectoral Perspectives
Interconnectivity with Neighbouring States
Salient Messages

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