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Fundamental Rights at Work and International Labour Standards   
Fundamental Rights at Work and International Labour Standards
International Labour Standards Electronic Library (CD-ROM)
This edition is published in India by 
Academic Foundation, New Delhi 
under arrangement with
International Labour Office, Geneva.
Hard Back Book     :   Pages : 133
2006  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-497-0
Price : Rs. 595.00
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Labour standards have long been upheld by the ILO as an essential pillar of development and peace at the national and international levels. Respect for fundamental rights at work is at the core of the ILO's decent work strategy. This important new book offers valuable insight on the content and application of the ILO's fundamental international labour standards and related standards.

These fundamental standards — on freedom of association collective bargaining, the abolition of forced and compulsory labour, equality of opportunity and treatment, and the protection of of children and young people — form the basis of the ILO's Declaration on Fundamental Princi-ples and Rights at Work and its Follow-up, 1998.

The book offers a detailed description of the relevant Conventions and their principles, along with specific problems encountered in their application at national level. Together, the information in this volume provides a thoughtful overview which can provide the basis for an ever more practical and fuller application of fundamental human rights worldwide. A crucial resource for labour authorities, lawyers, practitioners, and employers' and workers' organization.


The International Labour Organization was founded in 1919 to promote social justice and, thereby, to contribute to universal and lasting peace. Its tripartite structure is unique among agencies affiliated to the United Nations; the ILO's Governing Body includes representatives of government, and of employers' and workers' organizations. These three constituencies are active participants in regional and other meetings sponsored by the ILO, as well as in the International Labour Conference — a world forum which meets annually to discuss social and labour questions.

Over the years the ILO has issued for adoption by member States a widely respected code of international labour Conventions and Recommendations on freedom of association, employment, social policy, conditions of work, social security, industrial relations and labour administration, among others.

The ILO provides expert advice and technical assistance to member States through a network of offices and multidisciplinary teams in over 40 countries. This assistance takes the form of labour rights and industrial relations counsell-ing, employment promotion, training in small business development, project management, advice on social security, workplace safety and working conditions, the compiling and dissemination of labour statistics, and workers' education.


1. Introduction
2. Freedom of Association
Bernard Gernigon, Alberto Odero and Horacio Guido
3. Collective Bargaining
Bernard Gernigon, Alberto Odero and Horacio Guido
4. The Abolition of Forced or Compulsory Labour
Max Kern and Carmen Sottas
5. Equality of Opportunity and Treatment in Employment and Occupation
Constance Thomas and Yuki Horii
6. Protection of Children and Young Persons
Ricardo Hernández-Pulido and Tania Caron
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  • Conventions

  • Recommendations

  • Constitution

  • Standing Orders

  • Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work

  • General Surveys

  • Handbook of procedures

  • Digest of decision of the CFA

  • Publications

  • Report Forms

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