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Financial Sector Reforms and India’s Economic Development (Set of 2 Volumes)
By N.A. MUJUMDAR; with a Foreword by : S.S. Tarapore
Set of 2 Hard-Bound Volumes
ISBN 817188-251-X
Price : Rs. 1195 (set 2 vols.)  ; US $ 75.00
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About The Book :

A galaxy of eminent economists and financial experts including top bankers, have authored brilliant writings which appear as various chapters of these two volumes – that together present, crisp and authoritative overview of some of the latest and the most challenging issues...

About The AUTHOR :

Dr. N.A. Mujumdar is former Principal Adviser, Reserve Bank of India. At present he is the Editor of the Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics and also Honorary Professor at the Society for Development Studies.

Dr. Mujumdar began his career as Lecturer in what was then known as the School of Economics, University of Bombay. He was Nuffield Fellow of Oxford University, Oxford, in 1959, and after his return to India, joined the Reserve Bank of India.

Dr. Mujumdar has also worked, under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund, as Adviser to the Central Banks of five countries: Zambia, Mauritius, Tanzania, Belize and Cambodia. He was Consultant to FAO, ESCAP and the World Bank. He was member of various Working Groups appointed by the Reserve Bank of India and the Planning Commission.

He has published four books and a number of research papers in various technical journals



Volume -1

Financial Sector Reforms

1. Financial Scenario for the 1990s : Agenda for Reforms.
2. Financial Sector Reforms : An Exercise in Introspection.
3. Banking Sector Reforms : Narasimham’s Second Report.
4. Financial Sector Reforms in the New Millennium.
5. New Banking Culture and Small Borrower.
6. Public Policy and the Financial System.
7. Financial Reforms and Growth.
8. Credit Rating.

Central Banking

9. Monetary Policy : New Dimensions of Liquidity.
10. Cheap Money Policy.
11. Double-digit Inflation.
12. The Money Market.
13. Monetary Scenario at the Beginning of Reforms (1991-92).
14. Keynote of Monetary Policy.
15. Ways and Means Advances.
16. RBI Autonomy a Non-issue.
17. Enhancing Savings.
18. The Changing Face of Central Banking.
19. Muddling Through Reforms : Monetary and Credit Policy.
20. Offtake of Credit : The Central Issues.
21. Mountain of Liquidity and Lending Fatigue.
22. RBI’s Perception of the Economy.
23. Financial System : A Debate.
24. Monetary Policy (1992-97) : An Intellectual Framework.
25. Monetary Policy : Implementation.
26. India’s Financial System : New Development Perspective.
27. Soul-Searching by the RBI.
28. CRR Reduction : A Futile Exercise.
29. Musings on ‘Money Matters’.
30. Credit Policy, October-2000 : Some Disturbing Features.
31. Exploding the Myth of Monetary Monism.
32. Taming the Monetary Hawks.
33. Monetary and Credit Policy : 2001-02 : A Blurred Document.
34. Macro Dimensions of UTI Fiasco.
35. The Issue of Convertibility.
36. Forex Management.
37. Why Canonise Exchange Rate.
38. The Currency Crisis.
39. Gold Policy.
40. RBI Annual Report : Erudition Without Vision.

Interest Rate Policy

41. Interest Rate Structure : The Paradoxes of Reform.
42. The Interest Rate Imbroglio.
43. The New Interest Regime : Messy and Regressive.
44. Correct the Distortions in Interest Rate Structure.
45. Interest Rate Policy : A Sterile Debate.
46. The Anarchy of Rates.
47. Monetary Measures for Clearing the Interest Rate Mess.
48. The Danger of Eroding High Savings.
49. Messing up with Peoples Savings.



Volume -2

Monetary Management

1. Monetary Targeting : Objectives and Indicators.
2. Arithmetic of Monetary Planning.
3. The RBI and Inflation.
4. Growth and Price Stability.
5. Beyond Monetary Arithmetic.
6. The Changing Landscape of Monetary Management.

Public Debt Management

7. RBI’s Public Debt Strategy.
8. Public Debt Market.
9. Public Debt Management.
10. Market Borrowing.
11. Government Borrowings.
12. Tackling Fiscal Termites.

Commercial Banking

13. A Perspective of Banking .
14. Development Imperatives and the Banking System.
15. Private Sector Banks : Growth Prospects.
16. Informal Sector and New Development Strategies.
17. Credit Policy and PSBs.
18. Banking on the Non-banking Segment.
19. Weak and Narrow Banks.
20. Public Sector Banks.
21. Resurgent India Bonds.
22. Core Banking Issues.
23. Lending to NBFCs.
24. The Art and Mechanics of Banking.
25. To Block the Gaping Holes in ‘Borrowed Norms’.
26. Public Sector Banks : The Core Issues.
27. Credit Flows to the Decentralised Sector.
28. Credit Policy and Banks.
29. The Ritual of Banking Reforms.

Industrial Finance

30. Role of the Capital Market.
31. The New Regime of Industrial Finance.
32. Industrial Finance : Losing Development Perspective. Rural Credit
33. Financial Reforms and Rural Development.
34. Refocussing on Rural Credit : The Macro-Dimensions.
35. Overhauling the Somnolent Rural Credit System.
36. Credit Support to Priority Sectors.
37. Reviving Rural Credit.
38. Micro-Credit : Beyond Monetary Policy.
39. New Architecture of the Rural Credit System.
40. Rural Finance : Conference Discussant’s Note.

Agricultural Growth and Food Management

41. Towards a New Paradigm of Agricultural Growth.
42. Resurrection of Rural Development.
43. Food Management is Crucial.
44. Suitably Designed Financial Sector for ‘Shared Growth’.
45. Reactivating the Economy.
46. Structural Transformation of Indian Economy : RBI Analysis.

Appendix-I . Sources where Articles were First Published. 323

Appendix-II Commercial Banks':Credit Deposit Ratios. 

Appendix-III Priority Sector Advances. 

Appendix-IV. Scheduled Commercial Banks' Direct Lending to Farmers
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