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State of the Indian Farmer CD-ROM Edition   
State of the Indian Farmer CD-ROM Edition

Published by 
Academic Foundation
under arrangement with
Department of Agriculture and Cooperation,
Ministry of Agriculture,

comprising 2 hard-bound volumes — Overview (vol. 1) and
Index (vol. 27) plus CD-ROM featuring all 27 volumes of the original edition
ISBN 81-7188-494-6
Price : Rs. 6995.00;  US $ 299.95
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STATE OF THE INDIAN FARMER: A MILLENNIUM STUDY is the first of its kind — comprehensive and synchronised attempt to document the past, the present and the future of India's agricultural sector. It involves rich inputs from numerous top scholars and specialists to cover almost all important aspects concerning this 'key' sector of India's economy. 


"An epic on the Indian farmer comes a publication that promises to put everything else in the shade"

— Businessworld

"This is not only a Millennium Study. It is a mammoth study. Name any prominent academic who writes on Indian agriculture and you will find him or her figuring in...
...a very useful collection"

— Financial Express

“Our farmers will produce more if we can consume more. Opportunities for assured and remunerative marketing will determine the interest taken by small farmers in enhancing productivity. Our agriculture was formerly referred to as ‘a gamble in the monsoon.’ It is now becoming increasingly ‘a gamble in the market.’ Therefore, both monsoon and market management are essential for ensuring the economic well being and livelihood security of farming families. “The study is a timely one and what the Indian farmer needs today is walking the talk.”

— M.S. Swaminathan
UNESCO Cousteau Chair in Ecotech-nology and 
Chairman, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai.

"A laudable effort"

— C.H. Hanumantha Rao
Professor Emeritus and Chairman, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi; Chairman, CESS, Hyderabad.

“In last few decades Indian agriculture has gone through structural and organizational changes, which have impacted the lives of millions of our people in profound ways. It is important to understand the factors affecting such changes and what they portent for the future. The authors in this series of Millennium Studies have given us a comprehensive picture of Indian agriculture, its past and its possible future. The sponsor of these studies and their publishers deserve grateful thanks not only from the scholars and policy makers but also from a large number of people who are participating in or affected by the developments in this vital sector of our economy.”

— Vijay S.Vyas
Professor Emeritus, Institute of Development Studies, Jaipur.

"These volumes, the product of work by a large number of recognized scholars and experts, should be valuable as a source of information and discussion on contemporary issues relating to different aspects of agricultural development and policy."

— A. Vaidyanathan
Professor Emeritus, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai.

The challenge before Indian agriculture is to become increasingly diversified, shift to high-value crops, and allied activities like livestock and fisheries. The millennium Study would provide the roadmap towards this end and be an important reference point.

— Radha Singh
Secretary, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, New Delhi.

"This unique collection of twenty seven volumes provides deep insights into the major issues confronting the Indian farmer, especially the small farmer. The collection is particularly timely given the retrogression being experienced by the Indian agriculture. The experts discuss how to reverse the disquieting trends and achieve inclusive and sustainable development. They also dwell on incentives, institutions, infrastructure and innovations in the context of globalization and diversification. All the volumes stand as an invaluable source of knowledge for all those interested in understanding the past, present and future of the Indian agriculture."

— R. Radhakrishna
Director, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai.

The Millennium Study : 27 volumes at a Glance...

  1. An Overview
    Yoginder K. Alagh

  2. Land Resources
    G.K. Chadha
    Sucharita Sen
    H.R. Sharma

  3. Water Resources
    K.V. Raju
    A. Narayanamoorthy
    Govind Gopakumar
    H.K. Amarnath

  4. Rural Infrastructure
    Sukhadeo Thorat
    Smita Sirohi

  5. Technology Generation and IPR Issues
    Ghayur Alam

  6. Agricultural Extension
    Prakash M. Shingi
    Vijay R. Gaikwad
    Rasheed Sulaiman

  7. Agricultural Credit in India
    Surjit Singh
    Vidya Sagar

  8. Input Management
    Pingali Venugopal

  9. Crops and Cultivation
    R.S. Deshpande
    M.J. Bhende
    P. Thippaiah
    M. Vivekananda

  10. Rainfed Agricultural
    V.M. Rao

  11. Horticulture Development
    H.P. Singh
    Prem Nath
    M. Sudha
    O.P. Dutta

  12. Animal Husbandry
    N.K. Chawala
    M.P.G. Kurup
    Vijay Paul Sharma

  13. Fisheries Development
    P.V. Dehadrai
    Y.S. Yadava

  14. Cost of Cultivation and Farm Income
    Abhijit Sen
    M.S. Bhatia

  1. Terms of Trade
    V.N. Misra

  2. Post-Harvest Management
    V.R. Gaikwad
    Shreekant Sambrani
    V. Prakash
    S.D. Kulkarni
    P. Murari

  3. Agricultural Marketing
    S.S. Acharya

  4. Agricultural Exports
    B. Bhattacharya

  5. Globalization & Indian Agriculture
    G.S. Bhalla

  6. Information Support
    S.D. Sharma
    A.K. Srivastava
    U.C. Sud

  7. Natural Disaster Management
    A.R. Subbiah

  8. Risk Management
    Bharat Ramaswami
    Shamika Ravi
    S.D. Chopra

  9. NGOs and Farmers’ Movements
    R.S. Deshpande
    D. Rajasekhar
    Pradeep Apte
    Dhanamanjari Sathe

  10. Cooperatives in Agriculture
    Samar K. Datta

  11. Women in Agriculture
    Maitreyi Krishnaraj
    Amita Shah

  12. Policy & Organizational
    G. Thimmaiah
    K. Rajan

  13. INDEX Volume

    + a CD-Rom
comprising all the above volumes in
electronic format along with a
comprehensive index and built-in
powerful search facility.

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