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Delhi: India in One City   


India in One City
Text: Malvika Singh
Photo Editor: Uday Sahay
Hard Bound Book (9¼" x 9¼") :   Pages : 246
2010  Edition   :   ISBN 13: 978-81-7188-693-7
Price : Rs. 3750.00 ;  US $ 99.95
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'Dilli' is the heart of India. It embodies centuries of life and living, of changing cityscapes and fine architectural masterpieces that draw together ancient fortresses, mediaeval cities, and a metropolis that has, without hesitation, embraced the diverse, multilayered and dynamic reality of India and all Indians.

This book walks you through some of the symbols that compel Delhi to stand apart, showcasing an old civilization and more importantly, an energetic, creative and entrepreneurial young nation grappling with the excitement of constant reinvention, of change.

Delhi has the best of all worlds within her open borders, from the ancient past to the vibrant present and Dilliwallahs are an engaging lot, proud of their epic legacy, raring to keep the ethos of change alive.


Malvika Singh is the publisher of the prestigious monthly journal Seminar and a columnist with daily newspapers and magazines. She initiated and edited the India magazine, the first of its genre in India, that explored the many facets of this land, her people and cultures. She has been involved with theatre and film production over the years and did a cameo role in Shekhar Kapoor's first film, Masoom.

Uday Sahay, an IPS officer (1988) of UT cadre, has emerged as one of the foremost communication analysts in the country in the last decade, after he spent ten years in active policing. Currently heading the Directorate of Information & Publicity of Delhi Government, he previously had a distinguished stint in Prasar Bharati. Masters in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics, he is presently pursuing doctorate in media and advertising at JNU.

Sahay's palette of communication has varied colours. He contributes to the leading national dailies as regular columnist, writes poetry and short stories, and oil paints. He has edited a book on media titled Making News published by Oxford University Press, and held five photo-exhibitions in India and abroad.

Doubling up as photographer and photo-editor in this volume, Sahay feels “the latter role involved a greater creative challenge.”


  • First City - Sheila Dikshit

  • Preface - Malvika Singh

  • Delhi: Flowing with Time - Pavan K. Varma

  • The Jewel in the Crown - William Dalrymple

  • Along the Jamuna

  • The Circle of Seasons

  • Embracing Many Faiths

  • A Vibrant, Changing Cityscape

  • Connecting the People

  • The Bazaars

  • Unmatched Eating and Drinking

  • Myriad Style

  • The Amphitheatre of the Arts

  • Luxury and Hospitality

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