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India : Redeeming the Economic Pledge   
India : Redeeming the Economic Pledge
Hard  Back Book     :   Pages : 208
2004  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-348-6
Price : Rs. 345.00   :   USD $ 19.95
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Economists may pretend otherwise. But Economics is about common sense. India needs economic reforms to push up growth. Growth is needed to eliminate poverty and reduce unemployment. And reforms are needed to eliminate India's present status quo, with its pronounced anti-poor bias. All Indian citizens, present and future need to argue for liberalization, privatization, globalization) being a dirty expression. But liberalization is thrust down from top. At least, that's the perception. No books exist to explain the need for reforms. Those that do, are written by specialists and the target audience is also specialists. There are no books addressed to the interested citizen who is not a specialist.

This book is not only an exception. It is the first of its kind.

It removes the jargon and brings out the common sense in Indian economic policy making. There is no lecturing to the reader. The style is more of a dialogue. Read it and get convinced. Use your convictions to push for change. Don't leave it to North Block and PMO. That's the only way India will change and fulfill the failed and promised tryst with destiny. The time has come redeem the pledge.


Bibek Debroy is Director of the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi. He is a professional economist and was educated in Presidency College (Calcutta), Delhi School of Economics and Trinity College (Cambridge). He has worked at Presidency College (Calcutta), Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics (Pune), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (Delhi), National Council of Applied Economic Research (Delhi) and as Consultant, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. He was also the Director for a project known as LARGE, set up by the Ministry of Finance and UNDP to examine legal reforms. He is the author and editor of several books, papers and popular articles and is also Consulting Editor with Financial Express. Bibek Debroy’s special interests are international trade (in particular the WTO), law reform and the political economy of liberalization in India. He has been listed in many biographies and has been a member of several government committees.


1. Where do We Stand ?
2. Development and Deprivation - 154 Years
3. Growth and Poverty
4. Competition and Efficiency
5. Unintended Consequence and the 1990-91 Crisis
6. Handling the 1990-91 Crisis and QRs
7. Tariffs
8. Export Subsidies
9. Foreign Direct Investments
10. FDI Policy and Numbers
11. FERA
12. Exchange Rate Changes
13. Convertibility
14. External Sector Successes
15. The Constitution
16. Constitutional Reforms
17. The Legal Framework and Old Laws
18. Statutory Law Reform
19. Arrears in Courts
20. Governance
21. Administrative Reform
22. Corruption
23. Health, Education and the Government
24. Government Expenses
25. Reforming Subsidies
26. Interest Rates and Interest Payments
27. Defence Expenditure and Pensions
28. State Budgets
29. Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)
30. Reforming PSUs
31. Efficient Use of Capital
32. Efficient Use of Labour
33. School Education and State's Role
34. Higher Education
35. Health and Infrastructure
36. Taxes
37. The Golden BRIC Road
38. Postscript - Redeeming the Pledge
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