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Andaman and Nicobar Island Development Report   
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Development Report
Published by Academic Foundation under arrangement with :
New Delhi.
Paper  Back Book   :   Pages : 248
2008  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-652-3
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The Planning Commission has decided to prepare State Development Reports (SDRs) for all States and Union Territories of India. The objective in bringing out these reports is to provide a credible independent quality reference document on the development profile, set out strategies for accelerating the growth rate of States, lessen disparities and reduce poverty. The SDR is meant to discuss the constraints and challenges faced by a State and provide a vision, blueprint or a roadmap for its socioeconomic progress.

Each SDR is being prepared with the assistance of reputed national-level agencies, under the supervision of a core committee, headed by a Member of the Planning Commission, and including a senior representative of the State Government. The publication of the Maharashtra Development Report follows the recently published SDRs of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh, while SDRs of many other States and Union Territories of India are under various stages of preparation.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands Development Report highlights issues related to the development priorities of the islands and the road ahead in health,  education, tribal development, environment, agriculture, ports, shipping and air connectivity. The report suggests a long-term plan to restore the livelihoods, adversity affected by the Tsunami in December 2004. It is expected to serve as a useful reference material and stimulate informed debate on the policy issues faced by the Union Territory.


The Core Committee.

Message from Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission.

Foreword from Member, Planning Commission.

List of Tables and Annexures



1. Development of Andaman Nicobar Islands: A Profile and Emerging Issues


Area and Location



Natural Resources

Income Level and Growth in the UT


Growth of Co-operatives

Growth of Small Scale Industrial Units (SSIs)

Growth of Registered Factories

Growth in Enterprises in Service Sector

Meager Resources of the UT

Carrying Capacity of the UT

Emerging Issues

Directions for Development of UT


2. Financial Position and Outlook

Trends in Receipts and Expenditure

Structure of Expenditure

Status of Local Bodies

Resource Mobilisation

Expenditure Control

Institutional Framework

Revenue and Expenditure Projections for the Tenth Five-year Plan

Main Findings and Conclusions


3. Infrastructure: An Assessment


New Approaches to the Provision of Infrastructure

Roads and Bridges

Inter-island Connectivity

Civil Aviation

Urban and Rural Water Supply



4. Shipping and Maritime Services.


Present Status and Major Concerns

Development of Allied Sectors related to Maritime Transportation Services

Air Services between Mainland and ANI

Comparison of Shipping Costs per pax with Costs of Air Services

Summary of Main Proposals


5. Biodiversity and Environment Protection

ANI in Human Development Map of India


Health and Family Welfare



6. Issues in Tribal Development.


The Aborigines

The Nicobarese

Conservation and Development

of Scheduled of Tribes (STs)

Health and Education

Empowerment of Tribals and Systems

of Governance

Poverty Alleviation

Tribal Sub-Plans (TSP)

Some Concerns

Some Measures for Improving the Tribal

Development Programmes


7. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.


Status of Agriculture

Strategies for Improvement

Low Input—Low Volume—high Value Organic Agriculture

Specific Suggestions for Identified Crops

Post-Tsunami Scenario

Animal Husbandry and Dairy

Measures of Reclamation of Agricultural Land

Livestock: Status

Strategy for Development


8. Fisheries and Sea Food Industry.

Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Potential and Current Exploitation

Capture Fisheries



Deep Sea/oceanic Fisheries

Strategy for Development

Coastal Fisheries

Upgradation/Replacement of Traditional Crafts with Motorised Boats

Construction of Mechanised Boats

Deep-Sea/oceanic Fisheries

Promotion of Private Long Liners/Purse Seiners

Commissioning of Collector Vessels


Fisheries Regulation


Capacity Building

Improving the Socioeconomic Status of Fishermen and Strengthening Fishermen Co-operatives

Potential for Mariculture in ANI

Strategy for Development of Sea Food Industry

Seafood Processing

Summing Up



9. Small-scale, Village and Forest Based Industries.

Organisational Set-up, Industrial Policy and Infrastructure in ANI

Contribution of Secondary Sector to GSDP


The Way Ahead

Bamboo based Industry

Handicrafts and Village Industries


10. Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management.


Forest Management: An Overview

Management Units in the Current Working Plans

Future Strategies of Forest Management

Management of Mangroves

Cane and Bamboo Development

Application of GIS in Forestry Sector


11. Tourism in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Tourism Policy in ANI

Tourism Industry and Tourism Economy

Tourism in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Challenges for Tourism Development in ANI

Additional Issues in Tourism Development



12. Manpower Planning and Employment.

Employment and Population Dynamics

Trends in Employment

Trends in Labour Productivity


Measures to Improve Employment Situation

Measures to Improve Labour Productivity

Employment Generation: Some Projections


13. Disaster Management.

Where Do We Stand?

The Coastal Regulation Zones, 1991

Disaster Management/Plan/Strategy/Mechanism in ANI




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