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Accelerating Growth and Poverty Reductions   
Accelerating Growth and Poverty Reduction
Hard  Back Book     :   Pages : 327
2004  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-345-1
Price : Rs. 695.00   :   USD $ 39.00
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This book is based on policy papers written during the nineties at the Ministry of Finance. The fundamental objective of economic policy is to generate equitable economic growth and thus bring about the increased well being of all citizens. The goal of these policy papers was to remove policy distortions that were hindering growth and productivity and to introduce economic and institutional reforms that would accelerate growth. The policy recommendations were shaped by theory and empirical evidence on the one hand, and by institutional/organisational and socio-political constraints on the other.

The eighteen essays included in this book encompass a broad canvas : the new paradigm on which the reforms of 1991 were based and integrated policy framework that it entails; policies that have special relevance for ensuring growth with productive employment; macroeconomic reform issue related to the fiscal situation and the external accounts; problems and policies relating to different sectors such as agriculture, industry, telecom, power and urban. Issues such as adoption of value added tax, capital account convertibility, FDI in media, which have been at the centre of public debate, have also been covered in this book.

The chapters in this book can be broadly categorised under the following four heads :
  • Growth, Poverty and Employment
  • Agriculture and Industry
  • Fiscal, Financial and External
  • Sectoral Policies


ARVIND VIRMANI, b. June 22, 1949, is Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, USA (1975). His thesis supervisor was Nobel Laureate Prof. Kenneth Arrow.

Dr. Virmani is presently Director and Chief Executive of Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), New Delhi. Earlier he has served as Senior Economic Advisor in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and Advisor (Development Policy) in the Planning Commission, Government of India.

Dr. Virmani has written on, and his research and policy papers cover, areas of Macroeconomics and Growth, External Sector and Balance of Payments, Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms, Financial Sector, Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructure, Social Sector and Natural Resources.



1. Integrated Policy Framework for the Next Decade
2. A New Development Paradigm : Employment, Entitlement and Empowerment
3. Policy for Employment Generating Growth


4. Reform of Agriculture and Agro-Processing Policies
5. Policy for Investment Revival : Industrial and Investment Slowdown


6. Agenda for Reforms : Fiscal
7. Approach to Financial Reform
8. Central Value Added Tax : CENVAT
9. Agenda for Reform : External
10. Exchange Rate Management
11. Capital Account Convertibility : Looking back and Ahead - Lessons from Asian Crisis
12. Policy Measures for Meeting Capital Inflow Surge


13. A Communication Policy for the 21st Century : Unleashing an Information -Communication Revolution
14. Telecom 2020 : Increasing Tele Density and Internet Access
15. FDI Policy for Media
16. Policy Framework for Power
17. Urban Infrastructure, Real Estate and Housing Policy : Eliminating Slums and Generating Employment
18. Railway Reform
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