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Ageing in India   
Ageing in India

Socio-Economic and Health Dimenensions

moneer alam

Hard Bound Book   :   Pages : 288
2006  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-535-7
Price : Rs. 695.00;  US $ 55.95
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While this study essentially draws upon Indian conditions and data for analysing ageing and a few of its more critical dimensions involving socio-economic, health and public policy aspects, it may well be argued that each of these dimensions remains equally, if not more, important for many of the developing countries with transitioning demography (declining fertility and life prolongation) and liberalising economy (growing privatisation and pro-market reforms) rendering several non-market institutions void. From a thorough empirical review of the Indian situation using both the primary and secondary data sources, it has been observed that a bulk of the aged may not be able to withstand the unfolding economic realities either in India or elsewhere: they are socially at a loss because of their poor past, economically weak because of serious poverty issues, physically frail and suffer from functional dependence. They are also losing because of erosion in traditional familial values. Further, the non-elderly adults are yet to realise the need for planned ageing. The study tries to build the argument that many of these issues have not been fully understood while framing public responses to ageing. The upcoming concepts underlying 'elderly involvements in development' or 'healthy and active ageing' may not therefore hold true for many. The worst affected are the elderly women.

"This book presents new empirical research on ageing in India, and maps out policy options for the welfare of the ageing population in the country. Two aspects of this research deserve special attention, especially by those in the field of geriatrics. One is the question of functional health. Until recently, we have been concentrating in bulk of our researches on nature and origin of various diseases, potential sufferers and their socio-physiological traits. Prof. Alam has however tried in his research to extend our concern by linking the diseases with the onset of functional disablement and need for long-term care. Another aspect that this research deserves serious attention is the discussion on public health and its growing role in containing the risks of post-fifties diseases. These are apart from an in-depth analysis by the author on socio-economic diversities and their health outcomes. I very much expect that the researchers in the field of socio-medical gerontology will find this study as an important reference for future research."

A.B. Dey
Professor, Department of Medicine & Chief of Geriatric 
Services, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, N. Delhi


Moneer Alam, Ph.D. in Economics from Lucknow University, is Associate Professor at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. Dr. Alam has contributed several scholarly papers in national and international journals in areas of manpower-educational planning and forecasting, labour market issues, health financing, ageing, old age income security, and functional health. Currently, he is working on economic and health implications of ageing in India and South Asia. His more recent work under this theme is: South Asian Elderly: ADL and IADL Statuses of the Elderly In India funded by the UNFPA-Columbia University (NY, USA) joint programme on Ageing in Developing Countries.


List of Figures, Tables, Boxes and Appendices




An Overview of the Issues



The Other Side of Indian Demographics: Fertility-Mortality Transition, Added Life Span and Growing Changes in Age Pyramids

India Gaining the Status of Both Young and Old

Ageing and its Emerging Issues

Public Policy Issues: Reforms, Declining Returns to Saving and the Aged

Structure of the Study and Data Sources


Intra-aged Disparities and Outcomes: Some Empirical Findings



Profiling Intra-aged Disparities by Major States: Some Evidence from Secondary Data Sources

Ageing and Some Unanswered Dimensions: Data Needs and Data Availability

The Elderly and their Care Providers: A Survey of Urban Households in Delhi

Concluding Observations


Assessing Ageing Issues in Times of Change: A Survey of Households with Elderly Co-residents



Survey Design, Population Stratums and Choice of Study Area

Ageing Issues: Questions from the Elderly and Non-elderly

Sample Households and their Characteristics


Socio-Economic Issues of the Aged



Income Sources of the Aged: Transfer Income versus Own Source Income

Dependency Burden and Level of Household Expenditure 

Expenditure Preferences by the Aged 

Preference in Living Arrangements

Views of the Elderly on Declining Returns to Savings

Concluding Observations


Ageing, Functional Limitations and Public Health



ADL Limitations and Support Needs

Risk Factors in ADL Disabilities

Ageing, Functional Disabilities and Public Health

Concluding Observations


Caring for the Aged and Planning for Self-Ageing: Views of Younger Adults



Factors Contributing towards Care for the Elderly

Saving for Retirement and Planned Ageing

Altruism in Elderly Care

Concluding Observations


Public Responses to Old Age Income Security



Income Security for the Destitute Elderly: Emerging Issues

Income Security for Superannuating Employees: Existing Provisions and Proposed Reforms

Ageing and the Declining Interest Rate Regime: Is it Justifiable?

WPI Basket and the Consumption Requirements of the Aged

Concluding Observations


Highlights of the Study and Areas of Policy Interventions



Underpinnings and Structure

Major Findings

Areas of Policy Interventions




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