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National Commissions Reports on Labour   
Reports of the National Commission on Labour  
Hard  Back Book + CD ROM   :   Pages : 344
 2002  Edition         :   ISBN - 81-7188-282-x
Price : Rs. 695.00   :   USD $ 39.00
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  • Report of the National Commission on Labour : 2002
    (The Complete Report)

  • Report of the National Commission on Labour : 1967
    (Main Conclusions and Recommendations)

  • Report of the National Commission on Rural Labour : 1991 
    (Main Conclusions and Recommendations)


This publication brings together three important reports of India's National Commissions on Labour appointed from time to time. The latest report, 2002, just released, is a subject of great discussion and debate. For the benefit of those interested in the subject, we have brought together alongwith the report of the National Commission on Labour 2002, the report of the National Commission on Labour 1967. The second report of National Commission on Labour(2002) came after 35 years of the first report. In 1991 we had a Report of National Commission on Rural Labour. The Conclusions and Recommendation of this report have also been included to make this publication an all comprehensive one. The voluminous material has been put on CD-ROM while summaries, Recommendation and Conclusions of all the three reports are put together in this volume.


Report of the national commission on labour, 2002 

1. Terms of Reference
2. Introductory Review
3. Industrial Development and Progress After Independence
4. Impact of Globalisation
5. Approach of Review of Laws
6. Review of Laws
7. Unorganised Sector
8. Social Security
9. Women & Child Labour
10. Skill Development
11. Labour Administration
12. Other Matters
Content of CD-ROM
1. Introductory Review
  • An Overview
  • Economic Growth
  • Iron & Steel Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Productivity in Iron & Steel Industry
  • Plantation Industry
  • Welfare of Workers
  • Coal Mining
  • Construction Industry in India
  • Role in Economy
  • Size of Employment
  • Profile of Construction Labour
  • Wage Revision
  • Wages and Working Conditions
  • Mining Industry
  • Coal Mining
  • Non-Coal Mines
  • Safety and Health
  • Construction Technology
  • Demographic Trends
  • Shift in the Structure of  Output
  • Unemployment
  • Industrial Structure of Workforce - Employment Status
  • Salary/Wage in Steel Industry
  • Health, Safety and Working Conditions
  • Chemical Industry
  • Non Coal Mines
  • Wages and Conditions of Service
  • Welfare of Workers in Mines
  • Nature of Industry
  • Living and Working Conditions
  • Trade Union Movement
  • Labour Force
  • Employment Level
  • Industry Profile
  • Global Impact on Iron & Steel Industry
  • Structure of Industry
  • Construction Labour
  • Employer Organisation
2. Industrial Development and Progress After Independence
  • Industrial Policy and Incentives since 1974
  • Protection to Indian Industries
  • Investment in Infrastructure
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Scientific Research
  • Industrial Policy Resolution 1956
  • Monopolies Committee
  • Fera Amendment 1973
  • Industrial Policy Statement 1973
  • Some Comments
  • High Customs Tariffs
  • Financial Infrastructure
  • Control of Indian Business
  • Encouragement to Small Industries
  • Backward Area Development
  • Emphasis on Public Sector
  • Evolution of Industrial Policy in India
  • After Independence
  • Industrial Policy Statement 1977
  • Era of Liberalisation
3. Impact of Globalisation
  • Our Terms of Reference
  • Concept of Globalisation
  • A Brief History - Definition of Globalisation
  • Critics of Globalisation
  • Background of  Economic Reforms in India
  • Impact of Reforms
  • Growth in the National Product
  • Sectoral Performance
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Control of Inflation
  • Inflow of Foreign Investment
  • Cost of  Foreign Capital
  • India and China Compared
  • The Situation in China
  • Misconceptions about China Laws
  • Chinese Labour Contract System
  • Resolution of Labour Disputes
  • Unemployment in China
  • Various Social Security Scheme
  • Problems Similar to India
  • Poor Performance of Manufacturing Sector
  • Performance of Individual Industries
  • Reform Have Bypassed Public Sector
  • Globalisation of Financial Markets
  • Farm Sector
  • Reduction in Allocation
  • Low Capital Formation
  • Increasing Food Stock
  • Small Scale Industries
  • Abid Hussian Committee and Dereservation
  • Delay in Taking Decisions
  • Finance for Small Scale Industries
  • SSI Sector and the WTO Regime
  • Trends in Employment and Unemployment
  • Downsizing of Companies
  • Report of Working Group of Planning Commission


  • External Sector Management
  • External Debt Position has Improved
  • Exports have Stagnated
  • Comparison with Other Countries
  • Composition of our Exports
  • Depreciation of Rupee
  • Foreign Investment
  • Condition of IMF
  • Acquisitions of Indian Companies
  • Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Concern of M & A's
  • Foreign Enterprises have Entered Indian Consumer Market
  • 100% Foreign Equity Projects
  • Delisting by MNC's
  • Industrial Relations Scenario
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Financial Regulation and Supervision
  • Scams
  • Bankrupt Banks
  • UTI Muddle
  • Problems with ICICI
  • India Joins WTO
  • Mobility of Labour
  • Migration to the Industrialised Countries
  • Migration to the Middle East
  • Industrial Sickness
  • Trends in Wages and Productivity
  • Poverty in India
  • Growth in Inequality
  • Capital Market
  • No Improvement in Administration
  • International Labour Standards
  • India's Readiness to Face Competition
  • Global Recession
  • U.S. Economy
  • Other Industrial Economies
  • Asian Economies
  • Effects on India
  • Consequences of the New Policy
  • Economic Reform and Impact on Labour
4. Approach to Review of Laws
5. Review of Laws
  • Law on Wages
  • Laws Relating to Social Security
  • Laws Relating to Miscellaneous Matters
  • Contract Labour
  • Piece Rate Wages
  • Law Relating to Working Conditions, Welfare and Safety and Health
  • Employment Relations
6. Unorganised Sector
  • Problem of Definition and Identification
  • Definition and Identifiable Characteristics
  • Instances/Examples of Categories and Conditions - Home Workers/Home-Based Workers
  • Fishery
  • Employment Status
  • Child Labour and Labour Migration
  • Accident Risk at Work
  • Social Security and Welfare Measures
  • Domestic Workers
  • Sex Workers
  • Plantation Workers
  • Mines and Quarry Workers
  • Scavengers
  • Workers in Ship Breaking Industry
  • Construction Labour
  • Rag Pickers
  • Associations with other Organisations
  • Unionisation and Union Activity
  • Unorganised Workers Depending on Common Property Resources
7. Social Security
  • Social Security : Fundamental Right
  • Social Security : Role of State
  • Approach to Social Security and Women
  • ESI
  • PF
  • Gratuity : Integration with EPF Act
  • Unemployment Insurance Scheme
  • Scheme for Mentally Ill
  • Beggar and Other Disabled Groups
  • Disaster Management
  • Social Security System : A Vision
  • Pension to Leprosy Patients
  • Education Allowance
  • Welfare Funds
  • Insurance
  • Area Based Schemes
  • Self Help Groups
  • NSAP
  • Pension Schemes
  • Maternity Benefits
  • NEAS
  • Basic Health Security
  • NWPS
  • Children's Allowance
  • National Policy for Old Person
  • KMBY
8. Women and Children
  • Women Workers in India : A Macro Picture
  • Trends in Women's Participation in the Labour Force
  • Workforce Participation
  • Workforce Estimates
  • Distribution of Male and Female Workers by Broad Industry Groups
  • Distribution of Women Workers
  • The Organised Sector
  • The Unorganised Sector
  • Strength ICDS Schemes and Recognise the Role of Childcare Worker
  • Maternity Entitlements
  • Statutory Scheme
  • Women Workers : Entering the Mainstream through Voice and Empowerment
  • Women and Vulnerability
  • Empowerment
  • Organising in India
  • Study on Membership Based Organisation and Registration
  • Legislation on Child Labour in India
  • Legislation on Child Labour : A Review
  • Time Use Analysis
  • Women Workers in a Liberalising Economy
  • The Primary Sector
  • The Secondary Sector
  • The Tertiary Sector
  • The Service Sector
  • Child Care
  • Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)
  • Regard Childcare as an Integral Component of  Social Security
  • Recognise Childcare as Part of Education Policy
  • Create a Flexible, Autonomous Childcare Fund
  • Use Multiple Strategies
  • Promote and Validate Low Cost Community Based Approach
  • Sustainability
  • Men and Women Organising Separately and Together
  • Voice Representation
  • Recommendations
  • What Constitutes Child Labour
  • Types and Dimension of Child Labour in India
  • Approach to Child Labour
  • Towards Eliminating Child Labour : Existing Legal Framework


9. Skill Development
  • Indian Labour Force
  • Dynamics of the Indian Labour System
  • Indian Labour Force Skills
  • Present Status
  • Labour Force Distribution
  • Present method of Skill Acquisition
  • Vocational Training
  • Present and Future Challenges of Labour
  • Standards of Excellence
  • New Approach Towards Vocational Training Enabling Multi-Skill
  • Modular Approach to the Service Sector
  • Training Modules for the Self Employed
  • Model for Competency Based Training
  • Identification of Competencies
  • Preparation of Modules for Instruction
  • The Scope of Education Process
  • The Role of the Central Board of Workers Education
  • Leadership Development Programme
  • Ownership of the Programme
  • Recommendation : Competency Based Certification
  • Independent Regulatory Authority
  • Certification System
  • Entry Qualification and Re-certification of Instructors
  • Additional Recommendation on Skill Development Training & Worker's Education
  • Increasing Literacy Levels of Labour
  • Self Employed Training in the Unorganised Sector
  • Training of Rural Labour
  • Role of Trade Unions, NGO's & Other Interest Groups
  • Strengthening of ITI's and Augmenting the Support from the Industry
  • Responsibilities of Industry
  • Responsibilities of the Institute
  • New Training Delivery System
  • Incentives for the Creation of Training  Facilities
  • The Importance of  Education and Training
  • Involvement of State Governments

10. Labour Administration
  • Chief Labour Commissioner (Central)
  • Prosecution
  • Claim Cases
  • Quasi Judicial Functions
  • Appropriate Government's
  • Place of Maintenance of Registers and Display of Notice
  • Simplification of Procedures
  • Penalty
  • Recovery Provision
  • Power to Exempt
  • Minimum Wages Act
  • Trial of Cases Under Laws
  • Conciliation
  • Right Disputes
  • Arbitration
  • Recognition of Trade Unions
  • Bargaining Agent/ Negotiating Council
  • Labour Adjudication
  • Non Implementation of  Awards and Denial of Justice
  • Qualification of Presiding Officer
  • Industrial Relations Commission
  • Central Labour Service
  • State Labour Administration
  • Enforcement and Conciliation Officer
  • Effective and Innovative Ways of Inspection
  • Status of the Conciliation Officer
  • Social Security Board
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Bill,2002 (DRAFT)
  • Model Safety & Health Policy - V.V. Giri National Labour Institute
  • The Central Board of Workers Education (CBWE)
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Indian Labour Conference
  • Committees/Boards Under the Ministry of Labour
  • Safety
  • Agriculture
  • International Experiences
  • Action Plan
  • Need for National Policy
  • Competence and Training
  • Occupational Safety & Health Management System Documentation
  • Occupational Safety and Health Objectives
  • Hazard Prevention
  • Emergency Prevention , Preparedness and Response
  • Evaluation Performance Monitoring and Measurement
  • Audit
  • Management Review
  • Action for Improvement : Preventive and Corrective Action
  • Directorate General of Mines Safety
  • The Genesis
  • The Statute
  • The Social Factor
  • The Hazards
  • The Remedial Measure
  • Role and Functions
  • Testing Service
  • Manpower
  • Present Strength of Inspecting Officers
  • Infrastructural Lacunae
  • Main Causes of Accident
  • Follow up Actions on Accidents
  • Illegal Mining
  • Pursuing Inspection and Remedial Measures
  • Inspections
  • Improvements
11. Other Matters
I - Workers Participation in Management
  • Works Committees
  • Joint Management Council
  • Joint Consultation Machinery and Compulsory Arbitration in Government Departments
  • Workers Participation in Management in TISCO
  • Workers Participation in Management in Public Sector Bank
  • Introduction of New Scheme of Workers Participation in Management


  • Tripartite Committee on Workers Participation
  • Participation of Workers in Management Bill, 1990
  • Five Year Plans and Workers Participation in Management
  • Indian Labour Conference and Workers Participation in Management
  • Whether the Workers Participation in Management sholud by By Statute or by Voluntary Arrangements
  • Amendment of Constitution
II -  Employment Scenario in the Country
  • Introduction
  • Employment Situation
  • Size of the Workforce
  • Industrial Distribution of Total Workforce
  • Unemployment  Rates
  • Educated Unemployed
  • Data from Employment Exchanges
  • Recent Trends
  • Some Important Issues
  • Recommendation of Task Force
  • Further Developments
  • Suggestions by Social Security and Employment Advisory Panel
  • Is there any Alternative Model for Stimulating Growth in Employment
  • Travel and Tourisim
  • Industry
  • Health Care Segment
  • What is the World Trend
  • Contributors to the Employment Growth
  • Employment Growth in Small Industries Sector
  • The Importance of  Service Sector
  • Urban Informal Sector
  • Emphasis on Rural Sector
  • Management of Water
  • Other Activities Related to Agriculture
  • Forestry Sector and Forest Workers
  • Village Industries
  • Importance of Rural Sector
  • Skills Development
  • Emphasis on Self Employment
  • No one in Charge of Employment Prometion
  • Note on Employment of Sub Sectors
III- Review of Wages & Wage Policy
  • A Brief History of Wages
  • Committee on Fair Wages
  • Setting up of Wage Boards
  • Sectoral Bargaining at the National Level
  • Wage Policy
  • Theory and Various Issues
  • Growth in Inequality of Wage and Earnings
  • Rise in Real Wages
  • Wages in Unorganised Sector
  • Objections of a National Wage Policy
  • Natural Minimum Wage
  • Recommendations of the First National Commission on Labour
  • Recommendation of Bhoothlingam Committee
12. Note of Dissent by Shri C.K. Saji Narayanan, Part-time Member
13. Chairman's Response to the Note of Dissent
14. Skill Development


1. Resolution of the Government of India to Set up the National Commission on Labour
2. Resolution of the Government of India Appointing Shri. C.K. Saji Narayanan. Part-time Member
3. Secretariat of the National Commission on Labour
4. Questionnaire Circulated by the National Commission on Labour
5. Composition of the Study Group s Constituted by the National Commission on Labour
6. Visits of National Commission on Labour to States/Union Territories for Collection of Evidence
7. List of Liasion Officers Appointed by the States/Union Territories to Coordinate the Visits of National Commission on Labour
8. List of Meetings Convened by the National Commission on Labour and Persons/Organisations Who Gave Evidence
9. Special Visits of Chairman/Members of the National Commission on Labour
10. List of Persons/Organisation Who Responded to the Questionnaire
11. Workshops/Seminars Conducted by the National Commission on Labour
12. Workshops/Seminars Conducted by the Study Groups on Behalf of the National Commission on Labour
13. Dates of Submission of Reports by the Study Groups
14. Subject Discussed at the Internal Meetings Conducted by the National Commission on Labour
15. Letters of the Chairman to Prime Minister Regarding Finance Minister's Budge Speech
16. Letters of  the Chairman to Prime Minister for Seeking Extension of Term
17. Letters of Government Granting Extension
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