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Intersectoral Relationships in a Developing Economy : The Indian Experience
R. Thamarajakshi;
Hard-Bound Book;  Pages : 248
1994 Edition; ISBN - 81-7188-040-1
Price : Rs. 695.00 ; US $ 55.00
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About The Book :

This book is a pioneering and pathbreaking relationships in a developing economy. This study is based in India's experience in the last four decades and covers a wide canvas of these relationships viz. product flows for intermediate and final uses; trends and changes in sectoral patterns of investment; outputs and work force; marketed surplus terms of trade (net barter terms of trade and income terms of trade).
The study presents an in-depth analysis of the most recent patterns of intersectoral relationships covering upto 1991-92.
The methodology for studying product flows between the sectors and estimating the marketed surplus of agriculture, and the conceptualisation and methodology of applying the tool of terms of trade normally used in international trade to intersectoral trade was first pioneered by the author as early as 1963 in her doctoral work. The book is a valuable contribution in documenting this first ever through exercise in methodology, estimation and empirical analysis of changing intersectoral relationships in the context of India's economic development.
The book will be of immense use to students of development economics, researchers and policy makers handling not only agricultural price policy but also sectoral policies in general.



Intersectoral Relationships in India : 1961-62 — 1991-92
Agriculture-Industry Relationships in India : 1948-49 — 1958-59
1. Theoretical Scheme of Intersectorial Relations
2. Sectoral Outputs and Investments
3. Intersectoral Demand for Products : For Final Use.
4. Intersectoral Demand for Products : For Intermediate Use.
5. Intersectoral Demand for Products : For All Uses.
6. Income Elasticities of Intersectoral Consumer Demand 
7. Intersectoral Flows of Factors of Production.
8. Intersectoral Terms of Exchange.
9. A Summary of Behaviour Pattern among the Crucial Variables.

ABOUT THE author :


Dr. (Mrs.) R. Thamarajakshi is a distinguished Economist. She belongs to the Indian Economic Service. Presently she is Secretary to Government of India in the Ministry of Planning, Department of Statistics.
R. Thamarajakshi was educated at the prestigious universities of Madras and Delhi. Having topped in M.A. Economics, she secured M.Litt degree in Economics from the University of Madras. She also got a diploma in Statistics. She obtained her Doctorate in Economics from the University of Delhi.
Dr. R. Thamarajakshi had started her career as a teacher in the universities of Madras and Delhi. She taught economics to post-graduate students in the University of Madras. She was Associate Fellow, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. She later moved on to Government of India and held various key posts at senior level. She has been Principal Advisor for Agriculture and Environment and Manpower in Planning Commission. She was Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, U.S.A. She has functioned as Member Secretary, Agriculture Prices Commission and Economic Advisor, Ministry of Industry, Government of India.
Dr. R. Thamarajakshi has, to her credit, over fifty research papers/publications/presentations at National/International forums in various fields, viz., agricultural price policy, employment planning, human resource development, women and development, etc.
An internationally recognised expert, Dr. R. Thamarajakshi has done consultancy assignments for United Nations' Organisations such as ESCAP, UNIDO, ARTEP (ILO), and also for APDC.

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