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India's Trade with Japan
Badar Alam Iqbal;
Hard bound book;  Pages : 164
1990 Edition; ISBN - 81-7188-001-0
Price : Rs. 3995.00 ; US $ 35.00
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About The Book :

Japan's trade relations with India are traditional, strategic and of vital importance. These trade relations are in the upswings and poised for a new turn.
Japan is India's third biggest trading partner after the USSR and the USA. It accounts for nearly 10 percent of India's total trade. But the share of India in Japan's total trade is barely 0.9 percent. Although India's trade with Japan has been increasing over the years, it has had a trade deficit with Japan in the current decade so far. Hence, the need of the hour is to increase our exports to Japan.
This study seeks to review Japan's trade relations with India over a period of almost three decades, beginning 1960. It endeavors to identify the main items of imports and exports that offer increasing trade prospects between India and Japan. It further studies the major constraints standing in the way of increasing total trade in terms of volume and value. It also suggests suitable strategies to increase exports from India to Japan.
This study is the outcome of Dr. Iqbal's research work done at the Institute of Developing Economies, Tokyo, (Japan), as a Visiting Research Fellow from 10th February, 1988 to 1st September 1988.

Dr. Badar A. Iqbal's painstaking study covers practically all aspects of the growing trade relations between India and Japan. Japan, in recent years, has emerged as one of India's largest trade partner as well as aid doner. Dr. Iqbal's study, by providing practioners and scholars in the subject with a very timely analysis of factors influencing Indo-Japan trade, should be a valuable addition to the Literature on the subject.
Japan being one of the foremost industrial powers in the world, offers vast scope for Indian Industry and commerce to take advantage of Indian's proximity to the country for keeping abreast of the world in sophisticated technological developments. The present study of India's trade with Japan, therefore, acquires much significance.
I am sure all concerned individuals and institutions will find the book very useful and Dr. Iqbal deserves compliments for making his scholarship easily accessible to all.

Abid Hussain
Member, Planning Commission,
Government of India.



  Abid Hussain
Member, Planning Commission, Government of India
1. Evolution of India's Trade with Japan
2. India and Japan in World Trade Setting
3. Trends in India's Trade with Japan Since 1960
4. Trends in India's Major Imports from Japan
5. Trends in India's Major Export to Japan
6. Major Constraints Affecting Exports to Japan
7. What to Export to Japan
8. How to Increase Exports to Japan

ABOUT THE author :

Badar Alam Iqbal :

Born in 1951 (Aligarh, India), Badar Alam Iqbal got his Doctorate in 1977 from Aligarh Muslim University (India). He had earlier obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Secretarial Works. During his research tenure he got UGC's Faculty Research Fellowship, Junior Research Fellowship and Senior Research Fellowship. He was later awarded Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship and UGC Research Associateship.
Prof. Iqbal has, to his credit, 4 books and 105 papers in India and Foreign Journals. He has reviewed 80 books in India and 40 books in foreign journals of U.K., U.S.A., Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Belgium, Japan, France, and the Federal Republic of Germany. Dr. Iqbal has participated in 12 National and International Symposia and Conferences. In 1988 he was invited by the Institute of Developing Economics, Tokyo, Japan as a Visiting Research Fellow to Undertake the research project " Japan's Trade Relations with India "
Prof. Iqbal has been invited by the Kiel Institute of World Economics, Germany, to undertake a research project on " Indo-FRG Trade and Economic Cooperation ".

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