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Haryana Development Report   
Haryana Development Report
Published by Academic Foundation under arrangement with :
New Delhi.
Paper  Back Book (8½" x 11")   :   Pages : 312
2009  Edition         :   ISBN - 978-81-7188-713-2
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The Planning Commission has decided to prepare State Development Reports (SDRs) for all States and Union Territories of India. The objective of bringing out these reports is to provide a credible independent quality reference document on the development profile, set out strategies for accelerating economic growth, lessen regional disparities and reduce poverty. The SDR is meant to discuss the constraints and challenges faced by a state and provide a vision, or a road map for its socio-economic development.

Each SDR is being prepared with the assistance of reputed national-level agencies, under the supervision of the core committee, headed by a Member of the Planning Commission, and including a senior representative of the state government.

The Haryana State Development Report reviews the State's development experience and highlights issues critical for its future growth. Haryana's potential in horticulture, livestock, tourism, pharmaceuticals, IT and its rapid structural change is well documented in the report. The report is expected to serve as a useful reference and stimulate informed debate on the policy issues facing the state.


Core Committee

Message from Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission

Message from Chief Minister, Haryana

Foreword by Member, Planning Commission


List of Tables


Executive Summary

1. Haryana: Development Profile


Aggregate/Sectoral/Per Capita SDP—Trend and Comparative Analysis

Agriculture and Allied Activities


2. Resource Assessment

Analysis of Status and Prospects of Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Human Resources (Skill Base)

Fiscal Resources (Finance Base)


3. Identification of Critical Issues and the Newly Emerging Areas


Sectoral Issues for Sustainable Development

Developmental Issues in Upcoming Areas

4. Policy Directions

Achievement of Projected Growth Targets (Aggregates and Sectoral)

Optimum Use of Natural Resources

Sustainable Development and Gainful Employment of Human Resources

IT and Employment

Management of Fiscal Health

Ideal Mix of Public/Private Sectors Partnership

Market Mechanism

Improvement in Plan Implementation and Delivery Mechanism

Slums in Haryana

Self-Sustained Development of Urban Local Bodies

5. State Perspectives for 2012

Haryana in National Perspective (With Reference to Monitorable Targets Specified in the National 10th Plan Document)

Projection of Gross State Domestic Product and its Sectoral Composition

Equitable Regional Development

Reoriented Development of Agriculture and Allied Activities

Rural Infrastructure

Industries—Small, Medium and Large

Tertiary Sector

Science and Technology and Environment

Human Resource Development

Urban Development



Fiscal Perspective

6. Conclusions and Recommendations




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