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Economic Developments in India Volume - 63   
Economic Developments In India : Monthly Update, Volume - 63
Analysis, Reports, Policy Documents
Hard bound book + CD;  Pages : 320
2003 Edition; ISBN 81-7188-310-9
Price : Rs. 995.00 ; US $ 60.00
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About The Book :

Launched in 1998, Economic Developments in India (EDI) was, until now, a unique monthly publication in hard-bound book format, and contained analytical articles by eminent economists / experts, along with important Reports / Documents prepared by government / non-govt. organisations in India and abroad. The enhanced version of EDI, while retaining all the existing features, now adds another dimension to the range and depth of economic information published in a single monthly issue. From volume-31 , every monthly hard-cover volume of EDI is also carrying a Compact Disc (CD). Thanks to the high storage capacity of the digital media, this has enable us to give a whole lot of additional important information. So far, in case of very large documents, the hard-copy carries the executive summary only. From volume- 31, the user-friendly CD stores the full-text of the documents and a host of other supplementary reference material.



1. India's Statistical System : Critiquing the Report of the National Statistical Commission
Chairman & Professor, Economic Growth Centre, Department of Economics, Yale University, U.S.A
2. Harnessing of Water Resources for Economic Growth
Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi
3. New Exim Policy 2003
Union Minister for Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, New Delhi.
4. Crisis in American Capitalism : Lesson for India
Editor, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Mumbai;
Ex-Principal Advisor, RBI, Mumbai.
5. Bond and Derivatives : The Road Ahead
  Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai

Reports / Discussion Papers / Policy Documents

6. Report of the SEBI Committee on Corporate Governance (SEBI; February 8, 2003)
7. India's Public Finance
8. State Finances : A Study of Budgets of 2002-03
9. Report of the Working on Rupee Derivatives
10. Index of Industrial Production for the Month of December, 2002
(Released February 2003)
  11. Monthly Economic Scenario, February 2003
12. State Profile : Meghalaya & Sikkim
Contents of The CD
  • Discussion Paper on Code of Conduct for Sub-Brokers (SEBI; March 19, 2003)
  • Code of Conduct for Regulated Entities (SEBI : March 28, 2003)
  • Review of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 1995 (1998-99 to 2001-02) (RBI : March 26, 2003)
  • The Telecommunication Inter-Connection Usage (IUC) Regulation, 2003 (1 of 2003) (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India; January 24, 2003)
  • Special Electronic Funds Transfer Procedural Guidelines (RBI, March 31, 2003)
  • Highlights of the EXIM Policy 2002-07 (as amended upto 31.3.2003) (Directorate General of Foreign Trade; Department of Commerce)
  • State Finances : A Study of Budgets of 2002-03 (RBI; Feb. 21, 2003)
  • Report of the Working Group on Rupee Derivatives (RBI; January 31, 2003)
  • Anti-Dumping investigation concerning import of Sodium Ferrocyanide Trimethoprim (TMP) originating in or exported from European Union (Ministry of Commerce and Industry; Department of Commerce)
  • India's Foreign Trade : April - February (Ministry of Commerce, Economic Division, March 2003)
  • Monthly Economic Report - February 2003 (Ministry of Finance; Dept. of Economic Affairs)
  • Performance of Six Infrastructure Industries : Overall and Sector-wise (Ministry of Commerce; Office of the Economic Advisor; February 2003)
  • RBI Notifications / Circulars
  • SEBI Notifications / Circulars
  • Current Statistics

      A.  General  
    • Selected Economic Indicators.

      B.  Money and Banking
    • All Scheduled Banks - Business in India.
    • All Scheduled Commercial Banks - Business in India.
    • Money Stock Measures.
    • Sources of Money Stock (M3).
    • Daily Call Money Rates.

    C. Industrial Production
    • Group-Wise Index Numbers of Industrial Production.
    • Index Numbers of Industrial Production
      (Use-based Classification).

    D. Capital Market
    • New Capital Issues by Non-Government Public Limited Companies.
    • Index Numbers of Ordinary Share Prices.
    • Assistance Sanctioned and Disbursed by
      All-India Financial Institutions.  

    E.   Prices
    • Bullion Prices (Spot) - Mumbai.
    • Index Numbers of Wholesale Prices in India
      By Groups and Sub-Groups (Averages).
    F. Trade and Balance of Payments
    • Foreign Trade (Annual and Monthly).
    • India's Overall Balance of Payments in Rupees.
    • Foreign Exchange Reserves.
    • Foreign Investment Inflows.
    • Daily Foreign Exchange Spot Rates.
    • Indices of Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) and     Nominal Effective Exchange Rate (NEER) of the Indian Rupee (36-country bilateral weights).



Raj Kapila is the Director and Chief Editor of Academic Foundation, Delhi. He has written extensively and is also the author of the following publications: The Story of Industrialisation: Industries the World Over (1962), The Time Demands: A Politico-Economic Analysis of Present-day India (1966), India at Cross : After 25 years of Independence (1972). He co-edited with Dr. Uma Kapila, a six volume study entitled Understanding India’s Economic Reforms (AF, 1996). This was very well received and consequently led to the evolution of the concept of ‘‘Monthly Updates’’ on Indian Economy that eventually took the form of the present EDI series. Together, they have also edited Banking and Financial Sector Reforms in India (6 vols., 1998) and subsequently: Ongoing Developments in Banking and Financial Sector in India (4 vols., AF, 2000). Most recently, they have co-edited a book: India's Economy in the 21st Century (Academic Foundation, 2001) --- a collection of select articles by eminent economists.

Uma Kapila:

Uma Kapila was Reader in the Department of Economics, Miranda House, University of Delhi. She has been a keen student of current Indian economic problems and has been teaching this subject to undergraduate and post-graduate students for the last forty years.
As a teacher-fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies, Delhi School of Economics (1976-79), Mrs. Kapila completed her Ph.D. on "Oilseeds Economy of India." She has also served on the Planning Commission Study Group on "Agricultural Strategies in the Eastern Region of India for the Seventh Five Year Plan" (Perspective Planning Division).
Dr. (Mrs.) Uma Kapila is the author of the book Oilseeds Economy of India (1982) published by the Institute of Economic Growth under their series "Studies in Economic Development and Planning." She is the editor of the widely read book entitled Indian Economy Since Independence, currently into its eleventh edition. Dr. Uma Kapila has, to her credit, well known textbooks on Indian economy that have been designed speci-ally keeping in mind the interests of university students. She is also the co-editor (along with Mr. Raj Kapila), of a number of publications mentioned earlier, that are focussed on current developments in Indian economy, banking & finance.

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