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Business Take-Over & The Role of Financial Institutions in India
Malay K. Roy;
Hard bound book;  Pages : 150
1991 Edition; ISBN - 81-7188-020-7
Price : Rs. 395.00 ; US $ 35.00
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About The Book :

Many a time, in the fierce take-over battle, financial institutions, as the major shareholder, should play in a take-over battle ? This hotly debated issue is further closely associated with another unresolved controversy - what role Government controlled institutions should play in the Corporate sector in the given economy set-up of our country ?
Is the corporate efficiency in any way related with the institutional equity holding ?
In the last few decades, Indian corporate sector has undergone considerable changes. Most important among these is the changes. Most important among these is the change in the shareholding patterns in favour of Government controlled financial institutions. It has altered the very complexion of the private corporate sector. What are the developmental implications of these changes ? Surveys conducted by the Reserve Bank of India Provide an excellent insight into the process of changes of ownership of shares in joint-stock companies.
This is an analysis of power structure of the corporate sector financial institutions ultimately emerged as the largest shareholder of private join-stock companies and what is the relationship between the actual owner and the management of an Indian firm ?



1. Introduction
2. Variables, Sample and Time Period of Study
3. Comparison of the Characteristics of the Management Controlled Firm with Industry Average : Univariate Analysis
4. Control Criteria : Its Impact on the Performance of Firms : Multivariate Analysis
5. Conclusions and Policy Implications
  • Appendix-1
  • Appendix-2
  • Appendix-3
  • Appendix-4
  • Appendix-5
  • Appendix-6
  • Appendix-7


Malay K. Roy :

Dr. Malay K. Roy (Faculty of Commerce, University of North Bengal, India) has long experience of teaching Post-graduate classes as well as guiding research in the areas of Financial Management and Investment Management. Dr. Roy has completed several research projects sponsored by Government and semi-government bodies and actively participated in a number of national and international seminars and has published several research papers in academic and professional Journals. Presently he is working on Indian Stock Market studies.

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