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An Agenda for India's Growth   
An Agenda for India's Growth
Essays in Honour of P. Chidambaram
Sameer Kochhar (Ed.)
In association with
Skoch Group

Hard-bound Book (6½ × 9¾)  :   Pages : 268

2013  Edition   :   ISBN - 978-23-327-0009-3

Price : Rs. 1095.00 / USD 69.95

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Since 1991, P. Chidambaram has been deeply involved with the economic reforms that have changed India for the better. He firmly believes that economic freedom is linked not just to higher growth, more jobs and larger incomes, but has undeniable connections to political freedom, empowerment, transparency and good governance. This book is as much a tribute to Chidambaram's eloquent advocacy of economic freedom—and the courage he displayed in implementing it—as about setting the agenda for the country's next wave of reforms.

The authors of the essays in this volume are accomplished experts in their respective spheres. Together, they cover a wide range of issues: fiscal and monetary policies, strengthening financial inclusion, revitalising agriculture, buoying stock markets, policy on natural resources, external trade reforms, urban infrastructure renewal and security aspects to growth. The volume not only offers perceptive analyses on these topics but also charts out the clear roadmap for a growth-oriented, caring and compassionate agenda for the country's future.

About the Editor:

Sameer Kochhar, Chairman of Skoch Group, is a passionate advocate of social, financial and digital inclusion. In 1997, after spending 15 years in the corporate world, he decided to follow his inner calling and become a development thinker. Ever since, he single-mindedly applied himself to the rigours of self-education, academic research and field tours. The Skoch Group—which has think-tank, media and consultancy arms—was established as part of this endeavour. His expert opinion is sought by the government. In Sameer’s thinking, writings and activities, his profound admiration for India’s economic reforms—and in extension, those outstanding personalities who strive to make these reforms more meaningful and broad-based—comes out clear and unambiguous.


About the Editor/Contributors

1. Introduction
Sameer Kochhar

2. Reforms: Past, Present and Future
C. Rangarajan

3. Policies for Strong Inclusive Growth
Montek S. Ahluwalia

4. Rejigging the Elephant Dance
Duvvuri Subbarao

5. Financial Inclusion: An Insider’s View
Ashok Jha

6. Urbanisation and India’s Economic Development
Isher Judge Ahluwalia

7. Goods and Services Tax: Challenges of Ensuring an Acceptable Structure
M. Govinda Rao

8. Banking for the Last Mile
Sameer Kochhar

9. Security: What Chidambaram Changed?
Sameer Kochhar and Gursharan Dhanjal

10. India: From Value Added Tax (VAT) to Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Parthasarathi Shome

11. Second Decade of Securities Market Reforms: An Evaluation
U.K. Sinha

12. Indian Exchanges at Crossroads
Vijay L. Kelkar

13. An Agenda for Nine Per cent Growth
Tarun Das

14. Agriculture Growth in India: The Hope and Despair Syndrome
Y.S.P. Thorat

15. Reformer by Instinct and Choice
N.K. Singh

Bio-Sketch of P. Chidambaram


Contributors :

Isher Judge Ahluwalia • Montek Singh Ahluwalia • Tarun Das
Gursharan Dhanjal • Ashok Jha • Vijay L. Kelkar • Sameer Kochhar
C. Rangarajan • M. Govinda Rao • Parthasarathi Shome • N.K. Singh
U.K. Sinha • Duvvuri Subbarao • Y.S.P. Thorat

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