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Delhi Human Development Report 2013   
Delhi Human Development Report 2013

improving lives, promoting inclusion

Institute for Human Development, New Delhi
in association with the
Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi
Paperback Book (8˝" x 11") :   Pages : 232
2013  Edition   :  ISBN - 978-93-327-0086-4
Price : INR 995 / US $ 59.95
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During the last few years, Delhi has experienced significant prosperity and expanding employment opportunities along with considerable improvements in infrastructure, basic services and amenities. Home to about 17 million people, the city attracts thousands of migrants every year, who arrive in search of livelihoods and educational opportunities. Delhi has emerged as a sort of microcosm of the entire country, unmatched in characteristics and spirit by any other city of India.

The Delhi Human Development Report 2013 discusses the various aspects of the prevailing human development scenario in Delhi, including employment, livelihood, educational opportunities, healthcare, basic services and amenities, as well as the issue of public safety that has been a source of widespread concern in the recent past.

While encompassing both the achievements and emerging challenges that constantly confront this vibrant city, the Report not only relies on the latest statistics and available information, but also analyses the findings of a large survey of about 8000 households. This was carried out to identify the perceptions and aspirations of the citizens belonging to various groups. The Report documents the tremendous positive changes taking place in Delhi in numerous spheres, signifying the dynamics of its socio-economic development along with the monumental task of ensuring that the benefits of prosperity accrue to all, especially the less privileged sections of its society. In essence, therefore, this Report is both a mirror to the city and an endeavour to promote inclusion and equity at various levels.



IHD Team for the Preparation of DHDR 2013

Steering Committee






List of Tables, Figures, Boxes and Annexures



1. Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Delhi: A Unique City

1.3 Recent Changes in the Economy of Delhi

1.4 Human Development Issues

1.5 Vulnerable Groups

1.6 Sources of Data

1.7 Structure of the Report


2. Livelihoods and Employment

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Economic Activity

2.3 Level and Patterns of Employment Generation

2.4. Migration Level

2.5 Informality, Vulnerability and Inequality

2.6 Conclusions and Policy Paradigms


3. Education

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Human Resource and Composition by Levels of Education

3.3 Status of Education

3.4 The Higher Education Scenario

3.5 Issues and Interventions to Promote Education

3.6 Challenges and Strategic Thinking in Education

3.7 In Summary


4. Health and Healthcare

4.1. Introduction

4.2. Health Scenario in Delhi – Status and Recent Trends

4.3. Coverage of Health Services and Equity in Access

4.4. Financial Risk Protection

4.5. The Way Forward


5. Shelter and Basic Services

5.1 Background

5.2 Shelter

5.3 Basic Services

5.4 Slums and Some Other Deprived Settlements

5.5 Conclusions

5.6 The Way Forward: Some Policy Pointers


6. Public Safety

6.1. Introduction

6.2 Crime and Safety in an Urban Context

6.3 State of Crime

6.4 Findings from the Perceptions Survey, 2013

6.5 Recent Initiatives and Strategies for the Future


7. People’s Perceptions

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Satisfaction Levels among the Residents of Delhi

7.3 Evaluation of the Economic Environment by the Residents

7.4 School Admissions, Quality of Education, and Professional and Technical Courses

7.5 Households in Delhi: What They Lack, What Assets They Own and What They Plan to Purchase

7.6 Assessments of Neighbourhoods/Localities in Terms of Basic Services and Safety and Security

7.7 Exploring Delhi: People of Delhi What They Like and Dislike about the City

7.8 Rating of Dealings with Government Officials, Social Protection Schemes and Identity Cards

7.9 Conclusions


8. Looking Ahead: A Perspective for an Inclusive City

8.1 The Context

8.2 Some Major Achievements

8.3 Emerging Priorities and Strategies




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