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India: A Pocket Book of Data Series / 2013   
India: A Pocketbook of Data Series
New, 3rd Edition
EPW Research Foundation

Paperback Book (4 x 7¾)  :   Pages : 266

2013  Edition   :   ISBN - 978-93-327-0026-0

Price : Rs. 295.00 / USD 29.95

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The EPW Research Foundation brings you a one-stop resource for all important economic and social data on India.

NEW, 3rd Edition... 
India: A Pocket Book of Data Series / 2013

The development of independent India from an agrarian stage to a modern economy began in the early 1950s. After the first four decades of planning, India embarked upon a series of economic and financial sector reforms in the early 1990s. While India has continually been undergoing a socio-economic and structural transformation, its economic growth has accelerated in the past two decades. Since 2004, it has been on an even higher growth trajectory. This pocket book from EPW Research Foundation captures these trends and patterns, from data sets for a variety of social and economic indicators and presents them in a compact manner in both discrete and continuous annual series. The five major components of data sets are: Macro Economy, Social Sector, Infrastructure, Profile of States and International Comparison. It is a quick and handy reference tool for academics, executives, students and researchers and for anybody interested in the saga of India’s development.



  1. Macro Economy
    • Growth & Inequality
    • Savings & Investment
    • Agriculture
    • Horticulture and Allied Activities
    • Industry
    • Money & Banking
    • Regional Rural Banks
    • Capital Market
    • Corporate Statistics
    • Inflation
    • Government Finance - Centre
    • Government Finance - State
    • Government Finance - Centre and State
    • External Sector
  2. Social Sector
    • Population
    • Vital Rates
    • Education
    • Health & Family Welfare
    • Housing
    • Law & Order
    • Trade Union
    • Mass Media
    • Insurance
  3. Infrastructure
    • Land Use Pattern
    • Mineral
    • Electricity
    • Communication
    • Fuel & Energy
    • Road
    • Railway
    • Shipping
    • Aviation
  4. Profile of States
    • Population
    • Standard of Living
    • Vital Rates
    • Education
    • Employment 
    • Health Infrastructure
    • Housing and Amenities
    • Banking
  5. International Comparisons
    • People
    • Environment
    • Economy
    • External Sector
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