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Gujarat: Governance for Growth and Development   
Governance for Growth and Development
Bibek Debroy

Hard-bound Book (8 x 11)  :   Pages : 166

2012  Edition   :   ISBN - 978-81-7188-981-5

Price : Rs. 795.00 / USD 39.95

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Gujarat's macroeconomic growth story has been commented upon. This is not just about a double-digit GSDP growth in the last 10 years. It is also about an even more remarkable double-digit growth in agriculture. However, questions are often raised about this growth. Isn't this just about industry and manufacturing? What about the social sectors? What about deprived segments of the population and deprived geographical areas? Haven't they been bypassed ?

Growth isn't the same as development.

This book isn't about Gujarat's growth alone. It is about development too. It isn't just about vibrant industry. It is also about the perceptible improvement in social sectors, especially noticeable after 2007. It is a story of education and health, water, electricity and roads. It is a story of how these benefits have trickled down and how deprived segments have been main-streamed. That Gujarat model, so to speak, has implications for other States too, since it is about governance, efficient public expenditure, decentralisation and participatory planning. The focus of this book, deliberately not written in an academic style, is to draw attention to that development template. While there can be disagreement about what the Gujarat model represents, and what it does not, and about what made the Gujarat model work, before any debate, there ought to be a statement of the facts. That's what this book sets out to do.

About the Author:

Bibek Debroy is Professor at the Centre for Policy Research (Delhi), Contributing Editor with The Economic Times and Visiting Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Institute for South Asian Studies (ISAS), National University of Singapore. In the past, he has worked in universities, research institutes and management schools, and for an industry chamber and for the government. He is the author of several popular articles, academic papers and books.



1. A Personal Prologue

2. The Growth Story: The Macro Cake and its Distribution

3. Fiscal Consolidation

4. Physical Infrastructure: Bijli, Pani, Sadak

5. The Other Elements of Physical Infrastructure

6. Education

7. Health

8. Deprivation and the ST Issue

9. Governance

10. Sectoral Issues

11. The Environment and Sustainable Development

12. Epilogue

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