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A Centenary History of the Indian National Congress (Vol. III)   
A Centenary History of the
Indian National Congress
Volume III: 1935-1947
B.N. PANDE, (General Ed.)
M.N. Das, (ED.)

Hard-bound Book (6 9)  :   Pages : 978

2011  Edition   :   ISBN - 978-81-7188-917-4

Price : Rs. 1295  / USD 89.95

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about THE BOOK :

The third volume of the Centenary History deals with the manner in which the Congress, under the stewardship of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and a distinguished galaxy of nationalist leaders, finally liberated India from the shackles of British imperialism.




M.N. Das

CHAPTER I: The Act of 1935: Impact on National Politics

V.A. Narain

CHAPTER II: The First Congress Ministries: Problems and Prospects (1937-1939)

Kishori Mohan Patra

CHAPTER III : Socialist Stirrings Within the Congress (1934-40)

Atul Chandra Pradhan

CHAPTER IV : Preparations for Civil Disobedience January-September 1940

Bhupen Qanungo

CHAPTER V : The Individual Civil Disobedience (October 1940-December 1941)

Bhupen Qanungo

CHAPTER VI : The Quit India Movement, 1942

Bhupen Qanungo

CHAPTER VII : The Nation in Ferment (From 'Quit India' to Cabinet Mission)

Sarojini Regani

CHAPTER VIII : Cabinet Mission

R.K. Perti

CHAPTER IX : Preparation for Transfer of Power
(Congress vis-a-vis Muslim League)

Vinod Bhatia & Sneh Mahajan

CHAPTER X : India Wins Independence

M.N. Das

CHAPTER XI : Foreign Policy in the Making

Bimal Prasad

CHAPTER XII : The India League

Julius Silverman


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