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A Centenary History of the Indian National Congress (Vol. II)   
A Centenary History of the
Indian National Congress
Volume II: 1919-1935
B.N. PANDE, (General Ed.)
Ravinder Kumar, (ED.)

Hard-bound Book (6 9)  :   Pages : 764

2011  Edition   :   ISBN - 978-81-7188-916-7

Price : Rs. 1295  / USD 89.95

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about THE BOOK :

The second volume of the Centenary History touches upon the transformation of the Congress into a party of the people under the aegis of Mahatma Gandhi. This volume also deals with the dissemination of socialist ideas within the national movement through the initiative of Jawaharlal Nehru.




Ravinder Kumar

CHAPTER I: The Struggle for Swaraj (1919-1922)

J.C. Jha

CHAPTER II: The Swarajist Interlude

B.R. Nanda

CHAPTER III: The Struggle for Puma Swaraj (1930-1935)

S.N. Qanungo

CHAPTER IV: The Muslims and the Freedom Struggle in India

Moin Shakir

CHAPTER V: The Congress and Nationalist Sikh Politics

Mohinder Singh

CHAPTER VI : The Congress and Constitutional Reforms

J.P. Misra

CHAPTER VII : The Indian National Congress and the Agrarian Question (1919-1935)

D.N. Panigrahi

CHAPTER VIII: The Congress and the Industrial Question

Dwijendra Tripathi

CHAPTER IX : Mahatma Gandhi, the Congress and the Philosophy of Non-Violence

M.S. Jain

CHAPTER X: Jawaharlal Nehru and the Socialist Ideology

D.N. Panigrahi

CHAPTER XI: Last Phase of National Revolutionary 595 Movement: An Evaluation

Santimay Ray

Appendix 'A'

Where Congress Stands

Appendix 'B'

Whither India?


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