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South-South Collaboration in Health Biotechnology   
South-South Collaboration in Health Biotechnology
Growing Partnerships amongst Developing Countries
Halla Thorsteinsdóttir  (Ed.)
The work is published by Academic Foundation, New Delhi in association with International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada.

Paperback Book (6" x 9")  :   Pages : 296

2012  Edition   :   ISBN - 978-81-7188-909-9

Price : Rs. 795.00  / USD 39.95

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The book South-South Collaboration in Health Biotechnology analyses collaboration among developing countries. It disseminates results from a large scale project on health biotechnology collaboration, involving six research groups based in Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India and Zambia led by the University of Toronto, Canada. It focuses both on health biotechnology collaboration in emerging economies such as China and India, and in lower income developing countries such as Bangladesh. The book provides a detailed analysis of collaboration between public sector institutions and of partnerships between firms in developing countries.

This book will be of particular interest to the science, policy, academic and business communities worldwide, as well as to a general audience interested in development and innovation.

About the EDITORS:

Halla ThorsteinsclOttir is an Associate Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada.





1. Introduction

Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, Andrew Kapoor, Sahar Aly, Sachin Chaturvedi, Nefertiti El-Nikhely, Marwa G. Elwakil, Wen Ke, Zhang Jiuchun, Victor Konde, Lexuan Li, Magdy A. Madkour, Heba Maram, Tirso W. Sáenz,  Maria Carlota de Souza Paula

1.1 History of South-South collaboration

1.2 Drivers of South-South collaboration

1.3 Increased emphasis on South-South scientific and technological collaboration

1.4 Potential factors and conditions shaping South-South health biotechnology collaboration

1.4.1 Rationale for research collaboration in health biotechnology

1.4.2 Rationale for entrepreneurial collaboration in health biotechnology

1.5 Study on South-South health biotechnology collaboration

1.5.1 Methodology

1.6 Structure of the book

2. South-South Research Collaboration in Health Biotechnology

Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, David Campbell, Grégoire Côté,Éric Archambault, Abdallah S. Daar, Peter A. Singer

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Extent of collaborations

2.3 Geography of South-South collaboration

2.4 Characteristics of South-South research collaboration

2.4.1 A strong focus on genetics and heredity

2.4.2 Increasing role of Africa in HIV/AIDS and malaria research collaboration

2.4.3 South-South research collaboration increases the visibility and impacts of developing countries’ research

2.5 Conclusions

3. Mapping South-South Entrepreneurial Collaboration in Health Biotechnology: Boosting Trade and Innovation?

Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, Christina C. Melon, Monali Ray, Sharon Chakkalackal, Michelle Li, Jan E. Cooper, Jennifer Chadder, Tirso W. Sáenz, Maria Carlota de Souza Paula, Wen Ke, Lexuan Li, Magdy A. Madkour, Sahar Aly, Nefertiti El-Nikhely, Sachin Chaturvedi, Victor Konde, Abdallah S. Daar, Peter A. Singer

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Rationale for South-South collaboration

3.3 Extent of South-South collaboration

3.4 Geography of South-South entrepreneurial collaborations

3.5 Characteristics of South-South entrepreneurial collaborations

3.5.1 Collaborations involve mostly commercialisation

3.5.2 The limited R&D collaborations are centred around a few countries

3.5.3 Bi-directional knowledge flow is an important reason for the collaboration

3.5.4 The collaborations are strongly product focussed

3.6 Conclusions

4. Setting a Southern Course: Brazil’s South-South Collaboration in Health Biotechnology

Tirso W. Sáenz, Maria Carlota de Souza-Paula, Monali Ray,
Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Government interest and support

4.3 The geography of Brazil’s health biotechnology collaboration

4.3.1 Mapping research collaboration

4.3.2 Mapping entrepreneurial collaboration

4.4 Collaboration in research activities

4.4.1 Reasons for the collaboration

4.4.2 Challenges of the collaborations

4.4.3 Impacts of the collaborations

4.5 Collaboration in entrepreneurial activities

4.5.1 Reasons for the collaborations

4.5.2 Challenges of the collaborations

4.5.3 Impacts of the collaborations

4.6 Conclusions

5. Beyond the Great Wall: China’s South-South Collaborations in Health Biotechnology

Wen Ke, Zhang Jiuchun, Li Lexuan, Chen Guang, Christina C. Melon, Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Government interest and support

5.3 The geography of China’s health biotechnology collaboration

5.3.1 Mapping research collaboration

5.3.2 Mapping entrepreneurial collaboration

5.4 Collaboration in research activities

5.4.1 Reasons for the collaboration

5.4.2 Challenges to the collaboration

5.4.3 Impacts of the collaborations

5.5 Collaboration in entrepreneurial activities

5.5.1 Reasons for the collaborations

5.5.2 Challenges to the collaborations

5.5.3 Impacts of collaboration

5.6 Conclusions

6. Learning through Collaborations: Egypt’s South-South Health Biotechnology Collaboration

Magdy Madkour, Sahar Aly, Nefertiti El-Nikhely, Marwa Gamal Elwakil, Heba Maram, Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Government interest and support

6.3 Geography of collaboration in Egypt’s health biotechnology

6.3.1 Mapping research collaboration

6.3.2 Mapping entrepreneurial collaboration

6.4 Collaborations in research activities

6.4.1 Reasons for the collaboration

6.4.2 Challenges to the collaboration

6.4.3 Impacts of the collaboration

6.5 Collaborations in entrepreneurial activities

6.5.1 Reasons for the collaboration

6.5.2 Challenges for the collaboration

6.5.3 Impacts of the collaboration

6.6 Conclusions

7. A Growing Southern Agenda: India’s South-South Health Biotechnology Collaboration

Sachin Chaturvedi and Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Government interest and support

7.3 Geography of collaboration in India’s health biotechnology

7.3.1 Mapping research collaboration

7.3.2 Mapping entrepreneurial collaboration

7.4 Collaboration in research activities

7.4.1 Reasons for the collaboration

7.4.2 Challenges for the collaborations

7.4.3 Impacts of the research collaborations

7.5 Collaboration in entrepreneurial activities

7.5.1 Reasons for the entrepreneurial collaborations

7.5.2 Challenges of the entrepreneurial collaborations

7.5.3 Impacts of the entrepreneurial collaborations

7.6 Conclusions

8. Promoting an African Renaissance?
South Africa’s Health Biotechnology Collaboration
with Sub-Saharan African Countries

Victor Konde, Sidar Abdusamad, Andrew Kapoor, Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Governmental interest and support

8.3 The geography of South Africa’s health biotechnology collaboration

8.3.1 Mapping research collaboration

8.3.2 Mapping entrepreneurial collaboration

8.4 Collaboration in research activities

8.4.1 Reasons for the collaboration

8.4.2 Challenges for the collaborations

8.4.3 Impacts of the collaborations

8.5 Collaboration in entrepreneurial activities

8.5.1 Reasons for entrepreneurial collaboration

8.5.2 Challenges for entrepreneurial collaboration

8.5.3 Impact of entrepreneurial collaboration

8.6 Conclusions

9. Paving the Silk Road: Sub-Saharan Africa’s South-South Collaboration with China and India in Health Biotechnology

Andrew Kapoor, Peter A. Singer, Joseph Wong, Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

9.1 Introduction

9.2 Governmental interest and support

9.3 The geography of sub-Saharan Africa’s health biotechnology collaboration with China and India

9.3.1 Mapping research collaboration

9.3.2 Mapping entrepreneurial collaboration

9.4 Collaboration in research activities

9.4.1 Reasons for research collaboration

9.4.2 Challenges

9.4.3 Impacts of research collaboration

9.5 Collaboration in entrepreneurial activities

9.5.1 Reasons for entrepreneurial collaboration

9.5.2 Challenges for entrepreneurial collaboration

9.5.3 Impact of entrepreneurial collaboration

9.6 Conclusions

10. Promoting South-South Collaboration Revisited

Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, Andrew Kapoor, Tirso W. Saenz, Maria Carlota de Souza Paula, Heba Maram, Magdy A. Madkour, Lexuan Li, Wen Ke, Victor Konde, Zhang Jiuchun, Marwa G. Elwakil, Nefertiti El-Nikhely, Sachin Chaturvedi, Sahar Aly

10.1 Is South-South collaboration rhetoric or reality?

10.2 What are the key opportunities arising from South-South collaboration?

10.3 What makes South-South collaboration possible?

10.4 What hinders South-South collaboration?

10.5 What can be done to strengthen South-South collaboration?

10.5.1 Increase financial resources that support the collaboration

10.5.2 Prioritise areas of collaboration

10.5.3 Include support for entrepreneurial collaboration

10.5.4 Facilitate communications and the sharing of resources

10.5.5 Integrate South-South collaboration

10.6 Building bridges and promoting global health

About the Editor/Contributors

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