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Congress and the Making of Indian Nation   
Congress and the Making of the Indian Nation

Chief Editor
Pranab Mukherjee

Editorial Board

Anand Sharma

Aditya Mukherjee, Mridula Mukherjee,
Sucheta Mahajan, Rizwan Qaiser,
Bhashyam Kasturi

Paperback Book (6¼" x 9¼")  Set of Two Volumes
Pages : Volume I - 172 | Volume II - 292
2011  Edition         :   ISBN - 978-81-7188-858-0
Price : Rs. 695.00  / USD 39.95
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This publication (in 2 volumes) is not only a short history of the Indian National Congress but to a considerable extent the history of the Indian people. These volumes give us a glimpse of how the Congress, over the past 125 years, traversed the path of Indian nation-building through extremely difficult challenges, both external and internal. This glorious history should serve as a guide and an anchor in helping the country negotiate future challenges.

— from the Foreword by Pranab Mukherjee

Volume I

Foreword by Pranab Mukherjee  

1. The Emergence of the Indian National Congress

2. The Militant Nationalists

3. And Then Gandhiji Came

4. Khilafat and Non-Cooperation

5. India in the 1920s

6. Civil Disobedience and After

7. Princely India in the Freedom Struggle

8. National Movement During the Second World War

9. Towards Freedom

10. The Nehru Era

11. Indira Gandhi

12. Rajiv Years

13. Narasimha Rao Government: The Phase of Economic Reforms

14. Years in Opposition

15. Congress in Coalition

16. Second Innings under Sonia Gandhi’s Leadership

Volume II


  1. List of Congress Sessions

  2. Extracts from Select Resolutions/Manifestos

  3. A. Extracts from Addresses of Congress Presidents
    B. Other Significant Speeches

  4. Brief Life Sketches of Congress Presidents

  5. Members of the Interim Government of India

  6. The Central Cabinet

  7. Provincial Chief Ministers (Premiers)


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