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World Economic Outlook   
World Economic Outlook
Rebalancing Growth
International Monetary Fund
Hard-bound Book (8Ĺ" x 11")  :   Pages : 224
2010  Edition         :   ISBN - 978-81-7188-843-6
Price : Rs. 1195.00 (For Sale in South Asia Only)
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Assumptions and Conventions


Joint Foreword to World Economic Outlook and Global Financial Stability Report

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Global Prospects and Policies

Recovery Is Stronger than Expected, but Speed Varies

Financial Conditions Are Easing, but Not for All Sectors

Capital Is Again Flowing to Emerging Economies

Policy Support Has Been Essential in Fostering Recovery

Multispeed Recovery to Continue during 2010Ė11

Infl ation Pressures Are Generally Subdued but Diverge

Important Risks Remain amid Sharply Diminished Room for Policy Maneuvers

Policies Need to Sustain and Strengthen Recovery

Global Demand Rebalancing: e Role of Credibility and Policy Coordination

Appendix 1.1. Commodity Market Developments and Prospects



Chapter 2. Country and Regional Perspectives

A Stimulus-Driven U.S. Recovery Is under Way

Asia Is Staging a Vigorous and Balanced Recovery

Europe Is Facing an Uneven Recovery and Complex Policy Challenges

The CIS Economies Are Recovering at a Moderate Pace

Latin America and the Caribbean Are Recovering at a Robust Pace

The Middle East and North Africa Region Is Recovering at a Good Pace

Africa Is Coming through the Crisis Well


Chapter 3. Unemployment Dynamics during Recessions and Recoveries: Okunís Law and Beyond

Broad Labor Market Dynamics during the Great Recession

Using Okunís Law as a Framework

Step 1: Okunís Law across Countries and over Time

Step 2: Analyzing Unemployment Rate ďForecast ErrorsĒ

The Key Issues: Drivers of Great Recession Dynamics and Recovery Prospects

Conclusions and Implications for the Recovery

Appendix 3.1. Data Sources and Construction

Appendix 3.2. Methodological Details

Appendix 3.3. Analysis on Dynamic Betas Derived from the Employment Version of Okunís Law

Appendix 3.4. Regression Results Using Employment Forecast Errors and a Static Okunís Law Specification

Appendix 3.5. Vector Autoregression Forecasting Methodology



Chapter 4. Getting the Balance Right: Transitioning out of Sustained Current Account Surpluses

Surplus Reversals: Definition and Anatomy

Are Policy-Driven Surplus Reversals Detrimental to Growth?

Surplus Reversals: Case Studies

Lessons for Economies Considering a Transition out of External Surpluses

Appendix 4.1. Sample for Analysis and Data Sources

Appendix 4.2. Scoring Method Used to Group Economies




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