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Trade and Employment in the Global Crisis   
Trade and Employment in the Global Crisis
Marion Jansen, Erik von uexkull
Paperback Book (6¼" x 9¼") :   Pages : 174
2010  Edition   :  ISBN - 978-92-2-123334-3
Price : INR 695 (South Asia Only)
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Based on the findings of ILO-sponsored studies of employment impacts in Brazil, Egypt, India, Liberia, South Africa, Uganda and Ukraine during the global crisis, this book analyses how cross-border trade has acted as a transmission channel, spreading the crisis to developing and emerging economies. Key topics covered include the role of export concentration in increasing labour markets’ vulnerability to trade shocks, the effects of global price volatility on household and company investment decisions, the impact of the global slowdown on workers’ and governments’ bargaining power and the impact of negative trade shocks on gender inequality.

The book reviews the suitability of the different policy instruments that countries have applied during the crisis. The authors conclude that in countries where effective policy instruments were in place before the crisis, these acted as an automatic buffer that could be easily scaled up.



Marion Jansen is the co-ordinator of the ILO's Trade and Employment Programme. She previously worked in the WTO's Research and Statistics Department and co-authored the first ILO-WTO joint study, Trade and employment: Challenges for policy research.

Erik von Uexkull is an economist with the ILO's Trade and Employment Programme. He previously worked in the World Bank's International Trade Department and is specialized in trade and employment, regional integration, and export diversification.




List of tables, figures and boxes



1. Introduction

2. Trade flows and labour markets during the crisis:
What global data tells us.

2.1 Trade, employment and transmission of economic crises

2.2 Global trade and price trends during the crisis

2.3 Global employment and wage trends during the crisis

3. The impact of the crisis at the country level and trade as a transmission channel

3.1 Introduction to the ILO's country-level work on the crisis: What, where and how?

3.2 Ukraine: The role of export concentration

3.3 Liberia and Uganda: Interaction between global food and commodity price inflation in 2007/08 and the global economic crisis of 2008/09 

3.4 India and South Africa: Secondary effects of the trade shock

3.5 Brazil: Distributional effects of trade during the crisis

3.6 Egypt: Gender impact of trade during the crisis

4. Policy responses .

4.1 Trade policy and trade finance

4.2 Sectoral and company-specific stimulus programmes

4.3 Cross-sectoral measures

4.4 Policy conclusions

5. Conclusions.

Annex 1: Description of variables in cross-country data on crisis impact and potential transmission channels 

Annex 2: Selected countries, exports by major product group, 2008

Annex 3: Description of the model and data used for the South Africa and India study 

Annex 4: Detailed results of the modelling exercise for India

Annex 5: Detailed results of the modelling exercise for South Africa

Annex 6: Description of the STAGE_LAB model and SAM used for the Brazil study 158



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