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Agricultural Risk and Insurance in India   
Agricultural Risk and Insurance in India
Problems and Prospects
S.S. Raju and Ramesh Chand
Hard-bound Book (6¼" x 9¼") :   Pages : 106
2010  Edition   :  ISBN - 978-81-7188-765-1
Price : INR 595 / US $ 39.95
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Agriculture production and farm incomes in India are frequently affected by weather and climatic aberrations like droughts, floods, cyclone, frost, storms, land slides, etc. Outbreak of epidemics, fire, and market fluctuations are the other factors which seriously affect production and farm income. All these events are beyond the control of the farmers. With the growing commercialisation of agriculture, the magnitude of shock due to unfavourable eventualities is increasing and the need to protect farmers against production and income losses is becoming stronger. Agricultural insurance is considered an important mechanism to effectively address the risk to output and income resulting from various natural and manmade events. Despite various schemes launched from time to time, agricultural insurance in India has not made much headway even though the need to protect country’s farmers from agricultural variability has been a continuing concern of agriculture policy. This book examines the genesis of agricultural insurance in India and discusses various agricultural insurance schemes launched in the country from time to time and the coverage provided by them. The book also looks into the role of government in implementing various agricultural insurance schemes and suggest effective agriculture insurance programme for India.



Dr. S. S. Raju is working as a Senior Scientist (Agricultural Economics) at National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NCAP), New Delhi. He has been awarded APAU Agro-economic Research Gold Medals at M.Sc (Ag) and Ph.D (Ag) levels for obtaining highest OGPA in the discipline of Agricultural Economics at University level. He is also the recipient of the Team Research award of ICAR for the biennium 1999–2000. Dr. Raju is engaged in research on agricultural instability, livestock economics, agriculture growth and development. He has authored 25 research papers published in national and international journals. He was associated with 10 national and international research projects.

Dr. Ramesh Chand is ICAR National Professor, and Theme Leader (Market and Trade) at NCAP, New Delhi, India. Prior to this he has been Acting Director and Principal Scientist at NCAP, Professor and Head-Agricultural Economics Unit at Institute of Economic Growth (IEG), Professor of Marketing at Punjab Agricultural University. He was visiting Fellow at Institute of Developing Economies, Chiba Shi, Japan (2003). His Ph.D. thesis, submitted to Indian Agricultural Research Institute, was selected for Jawaharlal Nehru Award of Indian Council of Agricultural Research in recognition of its outstanding research contributions. Dr. Chand worked as consultant for FAO, ESCAP, UNDP, World Bank, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi and Government of Punjab. He has served on several high level committees of various Ministries at the Centre. At present he is engaged in research on food policy, trade liberalisation, WTO and Asian agriculture and development economics. Dr. Chand is author of 5 books and 70 research papers published in reputed national and international journals.




List of Tables



1. Introduction

1.1 Farmers’ Strategies for Risk Mitigation

1.2 Agriculture Insurance for Risk Mitigation

1.3 Impact of Insurance

1.4 Credit Linked Insurance

1.5 Philosophy of Crop Insurance

1.6 Organisation of the Book

2. Risk in Agricultural Production

2.1 All India Picture

2.2 State Level Picture

2.2.1 Rice

2.2.2 Wheat

2.2.3 Groundnut

2.2.4 Rapeseed and Mustard

2.2.5 Cotton

2.2.6 Sugarcane

2.3 Risk in Andhra Pradesh Agriculture at Disaggregate Level

2.3.1 Risk at District Level for the State of Andhra Pradesh

2.3.2 Factors Affecting Risk

3. Progress and Performance of Agricultural Insurance

3.1 Crop Insurance Approaches

3.2 Agricultural Insurance Schemes

3.2.1 First Individual Approach Scheme 1972-1978

3.2.2 Pilot Crop Insurance Scheme (PCIS) 1979-1984

3.2.3 Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme (CCIS) 1985-1999

3.2.4 Experimental Crop Insurance Scheme (ECIS) 1997-98

3.2.5 National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS) 1999

3.3 Other Agricultural Insurance Schemes

3.3.1 Farm Income Insurance

3.3.2 Livestock Insurance

3.3.3 Weather based Crop Insurance/Rainfall Insurance

3.4 Comparative Picture of Various Agricultural Insurance Schemes

4. Farmers’ Perceptions about Agricultural Insurance: Field Level Results from Andhra Pradesh

4.1 Socio-economic Characteristics of Sample Farmers

4.2 Response of Loanee Farmers

4.3 Response of Non-borrowers and not Insured Farmers

5. Issues Related to Agricultural Insurance

5.1 Issues Related to Nais

5.1.1 Reduction of Insurance Unit to Village Panchayat Level

5.1.2 Threshold/Guaranteed Yield

5.1.3 Levels of Indemnity

5.1.4 Extending Risk Coverage to Prevented Sowing/Planting, in Adverse Seasonal Conditions

5.1.5 Coverage of Post-harvest Losses

5.1.6 On-account Settlement of Claims

5.1.7 Service to Non-loanee Farmers

5.1.8 Premium Sharing by Financial Institutions

5.2 General Issues

5.2.1 Role of Government

5.2.2 Perils to be Covered

5.2.3 Involvement of Public or Private Sector

5.3 Individual/Area Approach and Coverage

5.4 Assured Value, Loss Assessment and Premium

6. Global Picture of Agricultural Insurance

6.1 Lessons from Other Countries

6.2 World Trade Organization Regulations

7. Conclusions and Policy Suggestions

7.1 Conclusions

7.2 Policy Suggestions

7.3 Prospects of Agricultural Insurance


Glossary of Agricultural Insurance Terms


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