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Retail in India   
Retail in India
Mathew Joseph • Nirupama Soundararajan
Hard Bound Book (6¼" x 9¼") :   Pages : 376
2009  Edition   :  ISBN - 978-81-7188-737-8
Price : INR 1495 / US $ 89.95
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In recent times, there has been debate over the entry of large corporate houses into the retail sector in India. This study finds that both traditional and organised retail can not only coexist but also achieve rapid and sustained growth in the coming years.

The findings of this study are based on the largest ever survey of various stakeholders and an extensive review of international experience, particularly emerging countries of relevance to India.

There has been competitive response from traditional retailers through improved business practices and technology upgradation. Consumers and farmers gain considerably from the entry of organised retail.

The organised retail sector is capable of taking care of itself, but public policy needs to help create a level playing field for traditional retailers.

Based on the results of the surveys, the authors have made a number of specific policy recommendations for regulating the interaction of large retailers with small suppliers and for strengthening the competitive response of the traditional retailers.


Mathew Joseph is a Senior Consultant at ICRIER, New Delhi. He had worked earlier in USAID India State Fiscal Reform Project as Deputy Chief and Senior Adviser (2005-2007) and as Head of Research at ICICI Bank (1995-2002). He also worked in the Ministry of Finance, GoI, as Deputy Economic Adviser (1990-1995). He holds a Ph D in Economics from the University of Glasgow, UK. His research interests include open-economy macroeconomics, public debt management, financial sector, industry, regional development, retail and global governance.

Nirupama Soundararajan is a Research Associate at ICRIER, New Delhi. She had worked earlier in Standard Chartered Bank as an Investment Advisor (2005-2007). She is also part of the CII Task Force on Higher Education. She obtained an MSc. in Financial Economics from Cardiff Business School, UK. Her broad areas of interest are related to retail, finance, commodity exchanges and reforms in the education sector.


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Executive Summary

1. Introduction
Partners in the Study
Organisation of the Study

2. Current Retail Scene: An Overview
International Retail
Indian Retail

3. Evolution of International Retail: Implications for India
The Spread of Supermarkets
Determinants of the Diffusion of Supermarkets in Developing Countries
Impacts of the Rise of Supermarkets on the Other Segments of the Agrifood System
Policies and Strategies to Seek “Competitiveness with Inclusiveness” in an Era of Rapid Retail Transformation
Implications for India

4. Domestic Organised Retailers: Case Studies
Organised Retail Models
Market Penetration Strategy
Product Margin of Retailers
Product Procurement by Retailers
Employment Generation

5. Impact of Organised Retailing
Organised Retailing: Advantages to the Indian Economy
Sample Surveys
Survey Results: Traditional Retailers
Control Sample Survey of Retailers
Consumer Survey Results
Consumer Survey at Traditional Fruit and Vegetable Outlets
Intermediary Survey Results

6. Impact of Organised Retailing on Producers
Plotting the Supply Chain
Farmer Survey Results
Manufacturers: Interview Report
Small Manufacturers: Interview Report

7. Future Scenario in Retailing
Growth of Retail and its Distribution
The Retail Real Estate Scenario
Organised Retail Investment
Share of Investments by City
Expected Share of Top Players in Indian Retail
Retail Space Break-up by Category
Employment Growth

8. Policy Recommendations
Main Findings of the Study
A Balanced Approach to Retail
Modernisation of Traditional Retail
Regulation of Organised Retail
Modernisation of APMC Mandis



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