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India's Economic Development Since 1947 3rd Ed.


India's Economic Development Since 1947 (3rd Edition)

Editor : Uma Kapila

3rd Edition: 2008-09
India’s Economic Developments Since 1947

The volume has been designed primarily to meet the requirements of the restructured course on Indian economy for B.A. (Hons.) students of economics of the University of Delhi.

The present volume has been designed primarily to meet the requirements of the restructured course on Indian economy for B.A. (Hons.) students of economics of the University of Delhi.

Although the content of the book follows essentially the B.A. (Hons.) course content of Indian economy (paper no. 07), the coverage is sufficiently broad as well as rigorous to meet the requirements of undergraduate/graduate students in various universities across India while also serving the students of competitive examinations.

The book is organised into four sections:

Section 1, covers the major features of Indian Economy since Independence.

Section 2, Growth, Development and Structural Change, discusses the growth and development experience with reference to changes in policy regimes and goals of development.

Section 3, deals with issues in Indian economic policy with regard to population and human resource development; growth, unemployment and poverty; macroeconomic stabilisation: trade, fiscal and monetary policy; agriculture, industry, services and trade.

Section 4, looks at India's development prospects.

The book is essentially, a collection of select articles by eminent economists and experts. These highly recommended original readings are well supported by comprehensive ‘editorial notes’ by Uma Kapila.

In addition to being a textbook, this volume also serves as an ideal gateway for any interested reader to explore, in a most authentic manner, various aspects relating to India’s economic development since 1947.

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Indian Economy: Performance and Policies

Indian Economy (8th Edition: 2008-09)
Performance and Policies


HERE’s the new, revised edition of the widely accepted textbook (Indian economy paper) for B.Com (Hons.) Delhi University and other universities. The book, under its present new title, is based on the ‘restructured syllabus’ incorporating the revised reading list.

In accordance with the new syllabus, the book provides a comprehensive coverage of Indian economy under 5 sections:

  1. Basic Issues in Economic Development

  2. Indian Economy at Independence

  3. Policy Regimes

  4. Growth, Development and Structural Change

  5. Sectoral Trends and Issues

The author Dr. Uma Kapila has specially designed this book based on the original readings recommended for the new course (many of these being available in her edited book Indian Economy Since Independence, now into its 19th edition and also the latest volume: India's Economic Developments Since 1947, 3rd edition, 2008-09).

In the present volume, the author has made an effort to keep the language simple without compromising the effectiveness of the argument or diluting the analyses. Data has been updated and new references added at several places beside thorough revision of the basic text.

Additionally, inclusion of important questions at the end of various sections and a ‘Glossary’ make the book an ‘ideal’ text in its category.

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Indian Economy: Performance and Policies

Indian Economy Since Independence 19th ed.
Editor : Uma Kapila

Revised every year, and now into its 18th edition, this unique book is widely accepted as the core text for graduate/post-graduate courses in Indian economy, in various universities across India.

The book is essentially, a collection of select articles by some of India's topmost economists and experts. These highly recommended original readings are well supported by editorial notes and excerpts from plan documents, that together present a comprehensive and critical analysis of Indian economy since independence: 1947-2008.

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Indian Economy Indian Economy 5th Edition
Issues in Development & Planning and Sectoral Aspects
Uma Kapila

Designed to serve as a textbook at the under-graduate level for students of B.A. (Pass), B.Com. (Pass), Eco. (Subsidiary) and is very useful even for serious students of Economics (Hons.). Written in clear, crisp and ‘easy-read’ style, this book is an ideal choice for anybody wanting to understand basic Indian economy.

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India’s Economy in the 21st Century India’s Economy in the 21st Century

This recently released edited volume comprises a select collection of analytical articles on the subject authored by eminent economists / scholars  including : C. Rangarajan, Montek S. Ahluwalia, Bimal Jalan, Vijay L. Kelkar, Rakesh Mohan, Shankar Acharya, V.S. Vyas, N.A. Mujumdar, Y.V. Reddy, S.S. Tarapore, K.C. Pant, Nagesh Kumar...

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A Text on Mathematical Economics A Text on Mathematical Economics
Pawas Prabhakar & Alka Budhiraja

This book aims at familiarizing the reader with some basic mathematical tools used in economic analysis. It covers Matrix Algebra and Applications to Economic Modelling, Analytical Geometry, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation and Applications, Multivariate Functions and Optimization — Unconstrained as well as Constrained. The selection of topics is guided by the needs of economists.
The mathematics presented in this book is accessible to beginners despite topics being covered quite rigorously. To augment reader’s ability to grasp concepts, sufficient number of examples follow each concept. Emphasis is on economic applications rather than pure mathematical techniques. 
This book is intended to serve as a useful reference book for the honours course in economics in most of the universities and Masters course in mathematical economic of some universities.

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India's Economic Reforms India's Economic Reforms
A companion volume to Indian Economy Since Independence
Edited by : UMA KAPILA

Uma Kapila; T.N. Srinivasan & Jagdish Bhagwati; P.N. Dhar; Manmohan Singh; Deepak Nayyar; C.T. Kurien; Isher Judge Ahluwalia; C. Rangarajan; R.N. Malhotra; C.H. Hanumantha Rao & Ashok Gulati; A. Vaidyanathan

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