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Non-alignment and Peace Versus Military Allignment and War Non-alignment and Peace Versus Military Alignment and War
IN this book, Dr. Kuruppu traces the peaks and troughs in the changing character of the bilateral relationship between the two democracies, India and Australia, in the post-world war period 1947 to 1975. The book claims a degree of originality in its interpretive focus : the impact of personality on the making of foreign policy. The book has a much greater Indian representation than has been previously attempted in other political writings or media reports relating to the India-Australia bilateral relationship. The case for a stronger Indian perspective, springs from the impression that Australian scholarship has had little reason, and experience of India, to evaluate the relationship from other than an Australian/Western Cold-War view of the world. And, of course, this includes Australia's difficulty in understanding the Indian mind, as Richard Casey, Australia's Minister for External affairs in the 1950s, was constrained to observe. This was also the view held by Prime Minister Nehru in regard to the West in general.

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Battle For Freedom of Press In India Battle For Freedom of Press In India
K.S. Padhy

In this book , among other things, the author discusses the role and importance of the Press and the restrictions on its freedom in India in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, covering : Regulations of 1799; Ordinance of 1823; Metcalf’s Act of 1835; Act of 1857; Indian Penal Code, 1860; The Press & Registration of Books Act, 1867; Vernacular Press Act, 1878; Criminal Procedure Code, 1898; Acts of 1908 and 1910; Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1913 and the Defence of India Regulations, 1914; Official Secrets Act, 1923; The Indian Press (Emergency Powers) Act, 1931; The Press (Objectionable Matter) Act, 1951; The Press (Objectionable Matter) Repealing Act, 1957; The Prevention of Publication of Objectionable Matter (Repeal) Act, 1977; The Defamation Bill, 1988 and its aftermath... The Law of Crimes of Defamation; and the Jammu & Kashmir Press Bill, 1989.

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The Communist Parties in Power and Agrarian Reforms in India The Communist Parties in Power and Agrarian Reforms in India
P. Eashvaraiah

Based on the work done for a period of 5 years the study deals with ways and means which the communist parties adopt to overcome political, administrative and juridical problems in the process of implementation of agrarian reforms. The substantial part of the study is devoted to the examination of the political economy of the radical land reforms. The study concludes with a note on what is communistic about agrarian reforms in the left-led/dominated states in India in terms of cooperativisation of agriculture towards building social formations in embryonic form as centres of class struggle and socialist education and propaganda.

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