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Lawrence's Leadership Politics and The Defeat of Fascism Lawrence's Leadership Politics and The Defeat of Fascism
Sachidananda Mohanty

Despite his reputation as the “greatest imaginative novelist” of our times, D.H. Lawrence’s politics and ideology continue to remain, even today, an object of enigma. In this critical work, Sachidananda Mohanty examines the charge — recurrently made — that Lawrence was a fascist who glorified the State and advocated, especially in his “leadership fiction,” a domineering male leadership ideal.

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Cats on a Hot Tin Roof Cats on a Hot Tin Roof
A Study of the Alienated Characters in the Major Plays of Tennessee Williams
Dharanidhar Sahu
"What give Dr. Sahu's study its true distinction, is his ability to move from such abstract, generalizing theories, sociological, economic, metaphysical and psycho-analytical, to specific, concrete details of the major lays of Williams. No one who has read his study can return to the text of or watch in the theatre or on the screen The Glass Menaherie, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cats on a Hot Tin Roof, Suddenly Last Summer or Sweet Bird of Youth, without experiencing them in a new and richer way. It is a further virtue of this study that it leaves us longing to return to those texts, as well as to mediate further not just on their, author and the society in which he wrote, but on ourselves whomever, wherever and whenever we may be"
Leslie Fiedler
(Buffalo, New York)

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Beyond Protest Beyond Protest
A Critical Examination of Contemporary African American Fiction
E. Raja Rao

Foreword : Prof. Howard Wolf
Introduction : Prof. Biyot K. Tripathy 

Departing from the traditional criticism of African American fiction, E. Raja Rao’s criticism shows how the contemporary African American fiction, strongly based on the indigenous “aesthetic tradition” of African American literature, has come of age in the 1960s, a period commonly regarded as the second harlem renaissance. The book focuses on the works of Cyrus Colter, Ishmael Reed, Cllarence Major, Charles Wright, and Alice Walker.

E. Raja Rao is the Head of the Post-Graduate Department of English, Berhampur University, Orissa.

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Major Trends In English Literature (1837-1945) Major Trends In English Literature (1837-1945)
Bhim S. Dahiya

The book covers two important periods of English literature : Victorian and Modern. It seeks to highlight those literary trends in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries which emerged against the background of the prevailing culture, ideology and thought.

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Profiles in Literary Courage Profiles in Literary Courage
Studies in English Literature
R.S. Pathak

This Book takes a fresh look into certain less known aspects of the works and achievements of five key figures of the English literature produced in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: William Wordsworth, Oscar Wilde, D.H. Lawrence, T.S. Eliot and Somerset Maugham. 
Dr. R.S. Pathak is Professor and Head of the Department of English at Doctor Harisingh Gour University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, (India).

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Canonical Texts of English Literary Criticism With Selections from Classical Poeticians Canonical Texts of English Literary Criticism With Selections from Classical Poeticians
Edited by :  Kapil Kapoor & Ranga Kapoor

Contents include : Introduction : Rise and formation of the discipline of poetics; Literary theory and literary criticism : relationships and function; Issues and assumptions of criticism; English critical tradition. Part I : Classical Theory : Plato, Aristotle, Horace, Longinus. Part II : English Criticism : Sir Philip Sidney, Samuel Daniel, Francis Bacon, Ben Jonson, John Milton, John Dryden, John Dennis, Alexander Pope, Joseph Addison, Edward Young, Samuel Johnson, William Wordsworth, S.T. Cloeridge, P.B. Shelley, Mathew Arnold, Walter Horatio Pater, Lascelles Abercrombie, Virginia Woolf, F.R. Leavis, and T.S. Eliot.

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Explorations In POE Explorations In POE
D. Ramakrishna
"Edgar Allan Poe is such a versatile and varied writer that explorations in his work are always welcome. And when the explorations are conducted by a scholar like Dr. D. Ramakrishna, who wrote a very perceptive doctoral dissertation on Poe, and has spent nearly twenty years on Poe scholarship, they are even more welcome."
  — Prof. Isaac Sequeira, 
ARSC, Hyderabad

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Henry James and The Ideology of Culture Henry James and The Ideology of Culture
A Critical Study of The Bostonians, The Princess Casamassima and The Tragic Muse
Om Prakash Grewal

This study attempts to show that only by taking due cognisance of the ideological dimensions of James’s emphasis on culture, we can hope to understand the particular coherence of his novels and make an objective assessment of his artistic achievement.
Contents : Conservative Liberalism: Basic Aspects • The Princess Casamassima: Civilization and Revolution • The Bostonians : Satire on Social Conditions • The Tragic Muse: Art and Politics.

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Marxism and Literary Theory Marxism and Literary Theory
Anand Prakash

The Marxist view of literature, which found expression through the works of Christopher Caudwell and other writers of his group, seems to have been consciously ignored or brushed aside as being merely “enthusiastic” and of no consequence by a majority of the critics and scholars. Concealed behind this apathy and indifference is an ideological hostility towards Marxism which became very fierce after the Second World War. This study aims at examining the specific theoretical contribution to the evolution of a radical literary perspective made by the Marxist critics in England from Christopher Caudwell to Arnold Kettle.

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The Chicago Critics : An Evaluation The Chicago Critics : An Evaluation
Tutun Mukherjee
Comments about the Book : 
"Dr. Tutun Mukherjee’s study of the Chicago Critics is both timely and significant. Written with clarity and lucidity — reflecting an exacting authenticity to the basic sources — her study takes the reader through the entire ethos of the Chicago school. Identifying the basic premises, the book explores their implications for the major genres — drama, poetry and the novel.”
— Prof. M. Sivaramkrishna
Chairman, Board of Studies,
 Osmania University, Hyderabad

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Wuthering Heights : An Interpretation Wuthering Heights : An Interpretation
Anand Prakash

The present volume explains in simple terms some of the basic points that emerge during the reading of Wuthering Heights. It is meant primarily to meet the requirements of our graduate and post-graduate students. The author has tried to ensure that the complex and difficult aspects of the novel are not sacrificed for purposes of simplicity and elucidation. Explanations, therefore, remain open-ended and somewhat tentative. Thus, “Commentary on the Text,” the long first chapter of the book, is a commentary, a discussion, and not a “summary.” In fact, it would be better seen as an attempt to construct meaning with the help of clues that seem to be offered by the text. It is assumed that only such a discussion can prepare students and sensitive readers to evolve their individual responses to the work in question.

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Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms : a critical study Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms : a critical study
Bhim S. Dahiya

Adopting the middle path, between the labo-ured scholarly writing and the relaxed popular writing, the author has combined in this study the best qualities of both, namely, the correctness of scholarly work and the readability of the popular style. The book, to say the least, offers a fresh look on one of the best novels of a very great American writer.
Prof. Bhim S. Dahiya is Vice-Chancellor and Ex-Chairman, Faculty of English, Kurukshetra University, (India).

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The Private Garden The Private Garden
B. Chandrika
"... Every page of this book is evidence to the immense pains taken by the author not only to analyse the family structure and its survival or collapse, as presented in the plays, but also to correlate the dramatists’ vision to that of the sociologists ........ Anyone who reads this book is sure to be enlightened about the way the different playwrights have grappled with this vital theme in our troubled times."
— K. Ayyappa Paniker

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