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Language Change Lexical Diffusion and Literacy Language Change Lexical Diffusion and Literacy
Edited by :  G. Sambasiva Rao
Comments about the Book: Prof. G. Sambasiva Rao is eminently suited for organising a panel on the subject and bringing out this volume with his research in historical linguistics, particularly Dravidian and his work later in literacy when he was at the Central Institute of Indian languages. Through the present volume he theoretically relates his two interests. This volume, I believe, will encourage further discoveries of relation between historical linguistics and socio—linguistics.

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New Horizons in Teaching English New Horizons in Teaching English
E. Nageswara Rao
"Dr. Rao has not only succeeded in identifying some of the basic issues in the field of ELT but has also analyzed them within a scientific framework and demonstrated how theory-generated insights can be used in the classroom and in the production of teaching and testing materials. Students, teachers, and researchers, I am sure, you will find this book stimulating and useful."
S.K. Verma, Vice-Chancellor
Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad (India)

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English in India : Issues & Problems English in India : Issues & Problems
Edited by : Kapil Kapoor & R.S. Gupta

This book examines ‘the English question’ with a new freedom of mind...
Meenakshi Mukherji ; V.K. Gokak (Late) ; Yamuna Kachru ; Tulsi Ram ; N.B. Meena Assoc. ; B.N. Patnaik ; Jennifer Bayer ; Anjuli Gupta ; R.N. Srivastava; R.K. Agnihotri ; G.J.V. Prasad ; S.K. Sareen ; V.P. Sharma ; Aruna Sitesh ; Kapil Kapoor ; R.S. Gupta 

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Language, Linguistics and Literature Language, Linguistics and Literature
The Indian Perspective
Kapil Kapoor

This collection of 18 essays articulates the structures of thought available in the Indian intellectual traditions in language, grammar and poetics...
This collection demonstrates the value of interactive scholarship particularly in the fields of language, literary theory and epistemology in which India has known traditions of texts and thinkers.

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