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Indian Merchants and Entrepreneurs in Historical Perspective Indian Merchants and Entrepreneurs in Historical Perspective
Makrand Mehta

Although a substantial corpus of historical literature has grown over the past two decades on Indian Business, the most of the existing works cover a short span of time with the result that we do not often get a comprehensive account of the operations of Indian businessmen at different periods of time. It is also felt that economic historians do not pay adequate attention to non-economic factors shaping and nourishing a business enterprise. 
This volume attempts to fill the gap existing in this area of teaching & research.

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Some Aspects of British Administration in Orissa ( 1912 - 1936 ) Some Aspects of British Administration in Orissa ( 1912 - 1936 )
Bandita Devi

This book is a pioneering work pertaining to a formative period of the history of modern Orissa, presented in a wider perspective of national polity. The book also presents the picture of that famous movement of the Oriya people for the formation of the separate province of Orissa, which became more or less a set example for the other linguistic entities of India to demand the creation of linguistic states in post-independence India.

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