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The Milk Break

The Milk Break

and After
Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School: 1961-2011
A commemorative volume celebrating 50 years of a glorious institution, the Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School (RSJMS), this record is packed with rich archival material, including anecdotes, photographs, and messages, woven into a crisp commentary. Offering the reader an interesting and picturesque glimpse into the life and times of one of India’s most sought-after schools, this book attempts to answer questions such as: Why Modernites from different walks of life consider them-selves so connected to each other? and Why do they feel privileged to have been a part of this institution? From its beginnings in an old bungalow in Daryaganj to the founding of the RSJMS at Humayun Road in 1961, this comprehensive history will be interesting, not only to ex-students, parents, teachers, and others associated with the school, but also to anyone connected with education

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Journey of a Nation

Journey of a Nation
Indian National Congress: 125 Years

Great movements are like great rivers—they start as small streams, but if the cause is great, they draw to themselves many streams, joining together to achieve and reach their destination. And so it was with the Indian National Congress, which met for the first time with a 'microscopic minority' of seventy-two people in Bombay on the 28th December, 1885. It went on to challenge the mightiest empire of the time, using the slogan of peace and the method of non-violence. Led by men and women of extraordinary intellect, courage and commitment, it shaped the destiny of modern India in the twentieth century, and leads India as a global power in the twenty-first century.

Commemorating 125 years of the Indian National Congress, this volume unfolds, page after page, the saga of struggle, sacrifice and nation-building. A lucid commentary, enlivened further by rare photographs and archival material, it offers the reader a pictorial glimpse of the epic journey that began in 1885. This is indeed, the journey of a nation...

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Congress and the Making of the Indian Nation

Congress and the Making of the Indian Nation
Chief Editor: Pranab Mukherjee
This publication (in 2 volumes) is not only a short history of the Indian National Congress but to a considerable extent the history of the Indian people. These volumes give us a glimpse of how the Congress, over the past 125 years, traversed the path of Indian nation-building through extremely difficult challenges, both external and internal. This glorious history should serve as a guide and an anchor in helping the country negotiate future challenges.
— from the Foreword by Pranab Mukherjee

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Documenting informalities
Maria Lantz and Jonatan Habib Engqvist (Eds.)

Redevelopment plans threaten the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people who live and work in Dharavi, a city within the city of Mumbai. This book dispells the idea that a “slum” can only be a location for despair. Dharavi: Documenting Informalities reveals thriving communities, innovative architecture and powerful grass roots politics. By moving beyond abstract concepts such as globalization and post-colonialism, Dharavi: Documenting Informalities gives detailed, personal accounts of the many ways in which we are all linked to Dharavi’s people and industries.

Essays by Saskia Sassen, Arjun Appadurai and Sheela Patel complement
maps, photographs, drawings and interviews made by a group of artists and architects from The Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

In Dharavi, houses and workplaces have developed over generations. Markets, alleys and the landscape itself were created as a result of actions and hard work, through negotiations and mutual needs. Memories of these
struggles, stories and dreams all intertwine in Dharavi.

This chronicle twists the informal society toward a formal one. It aims to show the creative power of the grass-roots and encourage politicians and other stake-holders to listen and to provide the means for infrastructure
and services.  — Maria Lantz and Jonatan Habib Engqvist, editors

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Delhi: India in One City


India in One City
Text: Malvika Singh, Photo Editor: Uday Sahay

'Dilli' is the heart of India. It embodies centuries of life and living, of changing cityscapes and fine architectural masterpieces that draw together ancient fortresses, mediaeval cities, and a metropolis that has, without hesitation, embraced the diverse, multilayered and dynamic reality of India and all Indians.

This book walks you through some of the symbols that compel Delhi to stand apart, showcasing an old civilization and more importantly, an energetic, creative and entrepreneurial young nation grappling with the excitement of constant reinvention, of change.

Delhi has the best of all worlds within her open borders, from the ancient past to the vibrant present and Dilliwallahs are an engaging lot, proud of their epic legacy, raring to keep the ethos of change alive.

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Gandhian Way Gandhian Way
Peace, Non-violence and Empowerment

Mahatma Gandhi’s humane philosophy and inherent spirituality had a profound influence not only on the people of India but the freedom loving people worldwide. 11th of September 2006 marked the centenary of the Satyagraha movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa for peaceful resistance against discriminatory and unjust laws. “Satyagraha—the firmness of the force Truth” became a powerful mass movement of peaceful resistance and civil disobedience. Over the years, it evolved into a dynamic mass movement of effective action.

Commemorating 100 years of ‘Satyagraha’ in a befitting manner, the Indian National Congress convened a two day international conference: “Peace, Non-violence and Empowerment: Gandhian Philosophy in the 21st Century”. Over 300 international delegates from 91 countries comprising world leaders, Nobel laureates, leading peace and human rights activists and Gandhian scholars reflected on the essence and the enduring relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy. The Conference deliberated on subjects and issues which represent the core of Gandhian thought. The discussion touched upon a wide range of Gandhian principles and values including Mahatma Gandhi’s concern for the poor and his abiding commitment to non-violence and people’s empowerment. Emerging from the discussions amongst the luminaries was the collective affirmation to renew people’s commitment to Mahatma’s noble mission of building a world that is in peace and harmony with itself.

Based on the deliberations of this conference, together with precious archival material, this volume—a book for the future—endeavours to reach out and connect the people, especially the younger generation, to the ‘Gandhian way’ and to carry forward his legacy into the 21st century.

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India of My Dreams

India of My Dreams

EDITORs: Surendra Kumar & Pradeep K. Kapur


A unique collection of thoughts, ideas, views and vision of some of the brightest brains and most respected individuals—from senior cabinet ministers to role model captains of industry; from internationally acclaimed economists to diplomats par excellence and think-tank honchos; from IT innovators to provocative journalists—all jostle together in this volume sharing glimpses of India of their dreams.

Sheer diversity of subjects, strength of arguments, force of articulation and the breadth of vision is sure to provoke the reader to think about India…

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Ruminations of a Gadfly

Ruminations of a Gadfly

Persons, Places, Perceptions
Deena Khatkhate

This book is a collection of unusual writings of the well-acclaimed economist, Deena Khatkhate.

The volume represents different facets of the author’s intellectual personality. He is a keen observer of societies and societal changes in India and abroad. His reflections as a social scientist with “out of the box“ thinking on politics, economics, institutions, social mores, race, family, law, classes, ideology, etc. have a wide sweep. He sees in the world around him—good and bad, profound and profane, conviviality and conflict, hypocrisy and honesty, and approbation and opprobrium. The essays are written with rare sensitivity and insight; they acquire universality because the author looks at the world outside India from the eyes of an Indian national, looks at India from the eyes of an Indian emigrant to the developed land and reprises his own value system. He thus takes the readers into a world of new thoughts, emotion and experience.

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Experiences of a Bureaucrat’s Wife

Gita vittal

Civil service has its uncertainties no less than the uncertainties of cricket. The uncertainty is not only about the length of time a civil servant will be in a post. There is also uncertainty about the place. What is it then to be a wife of a civil servant who even though enjoying the security of a career, does not enjoy any security of tenure?

In this book, Reflections: Experiences of a Bureaucrat’s Wife, Gita Vittal gives a glimpse of her interesting life as a four decades old wife of an Indian civil servant. She traces her transformation from a college student to a memsahib. She takes the reader through her trials and tribulations. Through her easy-to-read, witty, absorbing and captivating writing, the reader lives all her excitement, struggles, challenges, apprehensions and all the ups and the downs of her life.

Gita Vittal, however, has much more to her personality than being a bureaucrat’s wife. She holds degrees in Journalism, Management and Sociology. She has also pursued freelance journalism and social work. The book also reflects these aspects of her life.

These ‘reflections’ brings the reader face-to-face with her undying, child-like spirit and her zeal for life. Each and all will enjoy browsing through these reflections.

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Law, Liberty and Livelihood Law, Liberty and Livelihood
Making A Living On The Street

Law, Liberty and Livelihood: Making a Living on the Street goes beyond mere macro-statistics and statistical controversies regarding the impact of liberalisation on the poor and endeavours to further the understanding of the processes and dynamics involved in various urban livelihoods. It documents through primary research the 'official' as well as the 'actual' regulatory and licencing processes by direct interactions with varied stakeholders. The case studies of railway porters, street vendors, small shop keepers, cycle and auto rickshaw drivers, household-based industries, as well as small school operators provide graphic details of what ails India's entry-level professionals - the bottom rung of the economic ladder from which the poor can hope to climb to economic success while providing some of the most essential services to city people.

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The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible A Free Market Odyssey The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible
Commentary Edition

This book is fun. It challenges readers to think about why some countries are rich, while others are poor. It explores alternative thinking about important economic, practical and philosophical matters. The variety of ideas will challenge readers to ponder, question, and engage in meaningful discussions. Underlying all this is the respect for, and tolerance of, the individual.

Since 1980, Ken has been writing economic commentaries for radio. Straight commentary from an academic economist was dry and uninteresting. He thought he would spice up these radio spots with fantasy dialogues. Friends were willing to perform with him, and so Jonathan Gullible was born.

Immediately, interest among listeners soared! The ideas were provocative and outlandish, yet they drove home hard-core free market ideas in a humorous way. Later, he enlisted a dozen friends as actors to produce the episodes as a dramatic series. Again it was a hit! Since then The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey has been used for radio broadcasts, discussion groups, essay contests, skits and theatrical productions around the globe.

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Two Score and Ten Two Score and Ten
My Experiences in Government

In this book, Ramakrishna provides a first hand account of how Government functioned at high levels in the States and at the Centre. The subtle methods of utilizing Government institutions for unconstitutional, political and bureaucratic ends, have been brought out with modesty and sensitivity.

In a rather unusual style, the book employs multiple elements of presentation. An easy-read narrative (born out of the autobiographical impulse of a senior bureaucrat turned author) is well supported by extensive references, relevant media clippings and other anexures. This is followed by a select set of articles on varied themes of general and current interest, where Ramakrishna does not hesitate to voice his views on some interesting and debatable issues. Plus, interspersed with the text are pictures, cartoons and photographs from the author's personal collection - all of which contribute towards making the book truly worth possessing.

Concerned citizens, civil servants, students and faculties of institutions, will find this book of absorbing interest.

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Corruption in India
"Fifty-five years of our existence as an independent nation and 53 years of working of the Constitution, have resulted in one common experience of all Indian citizens. They cannot go to any public organisation or office today and get the services which they are supposed to get without either paying bribe or bringing influence by way of recommendations or references from VIPs," emphasises N. Vittal — a man who has observed, analysed and above all, boldly crusaded against corruption, calling it "by far the biggest challenge to the growth of our society and nation." His current outlook on corruption in India is that of a self-determined, sensitive patriot who by virtue of his position as the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) had the opportunity of being able to get a panoramic view of the whole thing — only to conclude,
that the problem of corruption CAN BE TACKLED.
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The Illustrated Compendium of Prosthetic Heart Valves
The Illustrated Compendium of Prosthetic Heart Valves

Excerpt from Foreword by
Prof RWM Frater :

"... a monumental task but a most worthy one. The range of ingenuity sometimes imitating nature and sometimes ignoring her that has been displayed in the design of the mechanisms, and the endless search for materials that will match and survive the conditions of the human body, are all on display. This book will serve as a memorial to the creativity and perseverance of those who have tried and failed to find the perfect valve and yet who by their efforts have prolonged the lives of so many victims of heart valve disease. It can be an inspiration to those who will in the future finally reach that goal..."

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Nobel Laureates 1901-2001
Edited by : Rituraj Kapila & Abha Kapila;
Taking you through 101 Years of the Nobel prize, presenting field-wise, year-wise, Glimpses of all 727 Recipients of the most Coveted Awards till date. More than 700 Photographs. Covers Nobel prize-winners in all fields! (information given generally includes : the name, photograph, nationality, affiliation, year of birth/death and brief citation)
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Concise Encyclopædia of Nobel Laureates Concise Encyclopædia of Nobel Laureates
Edited by : Rituraj Kapila & Abha Kapila
....with PHOTOGRAPHS, this book introduces you to more than 600 Nobel Prize Winners in all fields — beginning 1901 upto 1991 ! 
This 1992 publication is practically updated till January 2000 as it comes bundled along with a FREE booklet entitled NOBEL LAUREATES comprising basic data plus an Index of all 702 recipients of the Nobel Prize from 1901 to 1999.

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Nobel Laureates Nobel Laureates
Year 2001 Edition
One Hundred Years of the Nobel Prize !
All Fields
Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, Economic Sciences

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Encyclopædia of Hindi Novels & Novelists In India  Encyclopædia of Hindi Novels & Novelists In India 
"The Encyclopaedia of Hindi Novels & Novelists seeks to preserve a large number of those literary works which are fading fast into oblivion with the passage of time. The best way to keep alive the entity of these works is to include them in a reference volume like an encyclopaedia.
"Free from any personal or ideology bias, this important reference volume provides an objective description and also critical appreciation of the works of Hindi Novelists. This Encyclopaedia should prove extremely useful for research students as well as teachers of Hindi literature."

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